Piss poor

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Piss poor - 11/09/01 12:13 PM

I'm surprized.... A LOT of people offered their time and service to give the folks down south a chance. I'm talkin about the FREE video you can have for a SMALL donation that is pennies to most of you. Thanks to all those who did send in the form. The response has seemed very low, but then maybe the mail is just really slow now. I know many of you asked how to get one. It's not too late.

One Love, Skinny
(Apologies Hope)

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Posted By: Barefoot Skinny

Re: Piss poor - 11/09/01 12:21 PM

You can order at . And if you think this is for me?..... I have a roof thank you.

Thanks to Byron and all how helped for Shooting. The Boys and Girl for playing. Marshall for tape. Malcolm for delivering. All Fido's Staff! Katia Paradise for editing. AND YOU for coming when we and they needed you!
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: Piss poor - 11/09/01 04:30 PM

Sorry to hear about low response. But don't get you knickers in a twist. We've printed out the form and will be ordering several for our music friends up here (who will be "down there" fromtime to time, now that our place is nearly done.)

Probably others have the form on their "to do" stack.

You'll hear from us after we go down to NY this weekend.

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Re: Piss poor - 11/11/01 08:59 AM

Hey Skinny,

I regret that I was to uh.........f**ked up to play with you while I was there, But I really enjoyed your company!!! Like the previous post said I think we are all just still on BZE time and haven't submitted our forms yet. It was a great nite and I want to thank you for your contribution! Will make a
point to do it this week.

Thanks Man,

Posted By: denverdan

Re: Piss poor - 11/12/01 12:51 AM

Thanks Skinny...
No worries!

Hey all you folks who are about to send in your donations for this REALLY COOL video for a REALLY GREAT cause that people worked REALLY HARD on to make this possible for us to obtain...

You need at least 80 cents in postage or it gets sent back to ya. lol

Send in your check NOW!

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Re: Piss poor - 11/15/01 08:10 PM

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Re: Piss poor - 11/15/01 08:54 PM

Thadda way!! Let 'em have it Skins!!!
Posted By: Barefoot Skinny

Re: Piss poor - 11/16/01 12:00 PM

Would you like to see MY laundry list Hope?
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Re: Piss poor - 11/16/01 05:02 PM

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