About our Trip

Posted By: rickcheri

About our Trip - 11/11/01 09:55 AM

Had a great time there this trip, very busy!!! The 1st 4 days was for the benefit for the people in the south at the Hideaway... Thanks to everyone there and here for their donations and support!!!
We had a day for fishin, which was great, caught Barracuda, Jacks, and alot of snapper!!! We also signed a contract to build our house there in Tres Cocos... Ya hoo dream 2 done... Hurricane Michelle was no problem while we were there but the waves we big on the reef and no smart persons would take people out for activties... My dad and his new wife were there for the 1st time for 5 days and loved it... Finally met Mr. Bill Thorton, he is a woot!!! And some others from the message board, great people..
Have to thank the gang at the Holiday for everything, they made this stay very special for us... Soon the island will be our home..
This is for all of you who are may be afraid to travel do it and get out of the states for awhile, and enjoy what beauty God gave us to see... Again I will say thank you to all who have helped us with the relief effort, and to those who will be joining us at our house warming party in April, If it is done... Rick and Cheri
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Re: About our Trip - 11/12/01 12:53 AM

GREAT job as usuall!
Posted By: Charri

Re: About our Trip - 11/12/01 06:20 AM

Thanks for the report on your recent trip!
I guess I didn't realize that you were moving
down for good!!! Wow...Congrats on the starting of your house...I hooked up with
Alexandra Nicholson in the relief effort...
sent 14 boxes down. Hope things are improving in the south.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: About our Trip - 11/12/01 09:20 AM

Hey Deverdan--
Conchitta loved everything and thanks you so so much. And so does her husband, he was wearing the boots when we met him!!! Great job for you!! Thanks, Rick

And Charri, Thanks for all the support, the house warming party will be a gass!!!!!!
Hope you and everyone here will be there for that, but I will keep updating on how the house is coming.. Thanks, Rick
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