Attention Owners Of Derelict Or Abandoned Vehicles!

Posted By: Marty

Attention Owners Of Derelict Or Abandoned Vehicles! - 05/18/20 04:54 PM

The San Pedro Town Council and the San Pedro Traffic Department on their on going effort in keeping La Isla Bonita clean, hereby inform the general public that we will be identifying all derelict and/or abandoned vehicles, and removing them from the island.

Vehicle owners will have a 14-day period (May 18 - June 1, 2020) to remove any derelict or abandoned vehicle(s). After the 14-day period, the San Pedro Town Council will be removing these vehicles at the last registered owner's expense.

Vehicle owners are reminded that ALL vehicles must be registered and licensed with the San Pedro Traffic Department, failure to do so could result in the vehicle being impounded and or removed from the island.

San Pedro Town Council

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