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Hotels - 12/06/01 04:04 AM


Ok I am down to two places to stay...the Mayan Princess or Coral Bay Villas. Stayed a few years ago at the Mayan and did like it. Is CBV nicer? Worried about having to walk too far into town with a six year old. Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated. Thanks..
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We've never stayed at either but both are very nice. I'd have to say Mayan Pincess if you are going to be walking alot with a six year old. Everything is much closer to Mayan Princess.

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Wow..thanks for the quick reply! We are worried about the distance in regards to CBV becuase we do walk a lot. Thanks, I think we will go with the M. P. now. One more question the beach nicer at the CBV do you think? Thanks again!
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You might also consider the Blue Tang Inn. It has pretty nice rooms and a little pool that your six year old would enjoy. It's just a little down the way from the Mayan and around the corner from a big grocery store.
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I am also down to two places to stay, but looking at the North end. Was wondering if anyone has stayed at Captain Morgan's Retreat or Belizian Shores and what your experiences were? Thanks.
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I will be visiting San Pedro soon and I am trying to narrow down my search on a hotel there. Mayan Princess is on my list and it seems like some of the people on this board have stayed there and have good things to say about it. However, does anyone have any info about the following hotels? Sunset Beach Resort, Fountain Blue Suites or Banana Beach. I would like to stay within walking distance to town, restaurants, etc. I would also like a nice pool and beach area. Any information anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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Candy, Don't know of you have tried this yet but if you use the "Island" link at the top of this page, then the "Maps" link you can get a very detailed map with businesses on the island.I don't know how well to scale it is but we stayed at Coconuts and Playador
and i will guess it is 1/4-1/2 mile walk to downtown. Maybe that can help you judge the walking issue.
But, not to worry, golf carts are cheap!
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If you want to be close to everything...go with Fountain Blue. Right in the middle of town, with a great little pool, and it's beautiful. Banana Beach gets the nod for a nicer beach area, but then again, AC is not known for it's beaches. I didn't think renting a golf cart was cheap...costs about as much to rent as a mid-size car in the US!!!
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You should consider Captain Morgan's for a great gateway. I heard they have a new Chef and new menus, vacation ownership programm and the staff and location seems to be the best... The word is out on the island.
They offer little huts on the beach and also luxurious villas w/ A/C and kitchen etc...

I would go for some it since they offer an array of deals.

Check them out at

Have fun...

Island futurist ([email protected])
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If you all are lookin for something in town, which is great, try the Holiday Hotel. The staff and rooms are grand.. And it is a meeting place at the bar!!!! They have a great Beach BBQ with a band, and the deli and resturant are great!!! Ask for Kim when you email or call, she'll take great care of you all... Let us know.. Thanks, Rick
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