Vildo Westby convicted of the murder of Feliz Ayuso

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Vildo Westby convicted of the murder of Feliz Ayuso - 08/05/20 07:06 PM

Further details will be made public as they come available. I just hope that everyone can share some solace in this outcome.
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Re: Vildo Westby convicted of the murder of Feliz Ayuso - 08/06/20 12:44 AM

That is a relief. It was horrific and although this cannot bring back our beloved Felix it is good to see some justice served.
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Re: Vildo Westby convicted of the murder of Feliz Ayuso - 08/06/20 10:56 AM

Man Found Guilty Of San Pedro Murder

He's been on remand awaiting murder for almost 2 years, but tonight 32-year-old Vildo Lorenzo Westby is back at prison awaiting a sentencing hearing. That's after he was found guilty today of the February 2017 murder of 44-year-old Jose Felix Ayuso.

Viewers may remember that crime, which was a cause of great pain for the San Pedro community. Ayuso was the owner of a unisex salon on the island, and he was also a well-known AIDS activist. Westby, the man now convicted of his murder, was on the run from the island cops for almost a year, until he was caught in Mexico, and he was sent back to Belize as a wanted fugitive.

In his trial without a jury before Justice Colin Williams, Senior Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell prosecuted the case, and she called 11 witnesses who shared details to the effect that on the day of Ayuso's murder, Westby visited him at his home to collect money. The prosecution's case that Ayuso refused him, and grabbed his phone to call the police. In response, Westby, according to the prosecution's case, viciously stabbed him to death. The medical examiner testified that Ayuso was stabbed more than 15 times, but the fatal injuries are believed to be one that penetrated his eye and punctured his brain, and another to the left side of his neck.

In his defense, Westby gave sworn witness testimony in which he admitted that he stabbed Ayuso. But, he claimed that he was provoked to act in self-defense. He told the court that while he was at Ayuso's house, Ayuso allegedly attempted to fondle him a sexual manner. He said that this offended him, and he stabbed Westby with one of the spokes found on bicycle wheels, which he had in his possession. Westby claimed that he and Ayuso then ended up in a struggle and that Ayuso grabbed a screwdriver and tried to attack him with it. Westby added that he was able to wrest the screwdriver away, and he later realized that he was over Ayuso stabbing him. He also told the court that he confessed to the crime to his ex-common-law wife, and he tried to explain how Ayuso's advances embarrassed him, and he never wanted anyone to suspect that he was gay.

After consideration of the evidence presented by the prosecution and the defense, Justice Williams was not convinced that Westby was justified in killing Ayuso. In the judge's view, Westby used excessive force, and so, he found Westby guilty of murder.

Shortly after the verdict, a member of the San Pedro community announced the outcome on Facebook saying, quote, "No one could believe that this beloved community activist could have met such a tragic and violent end… I'll never forget them dragging his son from his coffin, as they laid him to rest… Today, I can't say I'm happy, but I am relieved to share with you that Felix's family has finally seen justice… I hope that everyone can share some solace in this outcome." End quote.

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Re: Vildo Westby convicted of the murder of Feliz Ayuso - 08/06/20 04:56 PM

It was the tail end of Carnaval en San Pedro, and predictably, there was quite a downpour and we all gathered at Central Park to buy our burgers and hot dogs to soak up the alcohol of our debauchery. As I waited around for my turn, I saw him coming into the park area, dressed in a fabulous long lace gown and carrying a fancy lacy, streaky makeup, but still happy and smiling, dancing almost to himself.

I turned to tell a friend, and instead, saw Gamal next in line, and I knew I was seeing things. Gamal had been gone years by now, so I turned back to my beautiful vision, and he put his finger to his lips.

I knew then, that I was seeing visions. He came up closer, dancing and twirling like only he could, and god he was beautiful. My heart was light, I felt my soul on fire just from the sheer happiness to see him one more time in his element. He grabbed Gamal's hand, and together they twirled and disappeared before my very eyes.

I woke up crying...and for the rest of my morning, tears kept coming. It was a goodbye that I don't know how I earned, but I was grateful for.

Ever since his murder, I had been having dreams of him, but that one was the last, and the most beautiful.

To say Felix Ayuso is missed is to say we need air to breathe.

Life genuinely is not the same. I can still hear his voice sometimes, and when someone refers to me as Negra, I hear it in his voice.

I am thankful there is some sort of justice prevailing over your brutal, senseless murder, you sexy grandpa, but god I wish you were still here to give us shit and remind me that sometimes, I am good enough as is.

Mary Rodriguez
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Re: Vildo Westby convicted of the murder of Feliz Ayuso - 10/22/20 07:29 PM

Vildo Westby Sentenced to Life in Prison

News arriving to us reveal that Vildo Westby was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 28 years and 7 months!!!! He was charged for the murder of Felix Ayuso On February 2, 2017, at his home in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

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Vildo Westby sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Felix Ayuso

On Wednesday, October 21st, 32-year-old Vildo Lorenzo Westby was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of island activist Felix Ayuso when he appeared at the Supreme Court in Belize City. The San Pedro Sun was also able to confirm that Westby will have a possibility for parole after the first 28 years and seven months of his sentence.

Islanders welcomed the news, many commending the judiciary system. They took to social media announcing that justice has been served for the Ayuso’s family and that now El Rey del Carnaval can rest in peace.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun


Stabbed His Victim 15 Times, Life In Prison For Island Killer

A man has been sentenced to life in prison, and will not be eligible for parole until after 28 years.

32-year-old Vildo Lorenzo Westby was found guilty of the murder of beloved San Pedrano 44-year-old Jose Felix Ayuso back in August and Justice Colin Williams sentenced him yesterday via video link.

Justice Williams told Westby that he must serve 28 years and 7 months in jail before he is eligible for parole. To get to that figure, he deducted the years Westby had served on remand for the murder.

Crown Counsel, Shanice Lovelle, presented evidence which revealed that Westby visited the victim, 44-year-old Jose Felix Ayuso's home the day of the murder in February 2017 to get money.

Ayuso reportedly refused to give him any and attempted to call the police, which led Westby stab him over fifteen times with a bicycle spoke. Westby admitted in court that he committed the crime but claimed that Ayuso had touched him inappropriately and threatened him with a screwdriver, causing him to act in self-defence.

Despite this, Justice Williams believed that Westby used excessive force and found him guilty in the trial without jury.

The cruel murder was a shock for the San Pedro community, as Ayuso was well known as an AIDS activist and as a contributor to the island's carnival activities. After the murder, Westby had absconded but was later captured in Mexico over a year later.

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