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Posted By: KC

travel channel on AC - 12/28/01 06:30 AM

Did anyone else see the Travel Channel tonight? "Surviving Vacation Disasters" or something like that. It was video taken by a crew member from Temptation Island who stayed after for a vacation, and got Keith instead. They were at Caye Villas (our neighbor), and they even got a brief shot of Bob and Diane Campbell's house. Gary and I both yelled, "There's Bob and Diane's house!" They went for a walk on the beach after winds died down, and I wanted them to walk south, but they went north to Mata Chica looking for food. It was really great video! Made me homesick.

Posted By: Marty

Re: travel channel on AC - 12/28/01 05:44 PM

dang, sorry i missed it. do they replay things on that channel? any idea?
Posted By: KC

Re: travel channel on AC - 12/28/01 06:08 PM

Yeah, Marty... I checked their website, and I think they will replay it tomorrow (12/29). It said 12 PM -- does that mean midnight or noon? not sure. Check the TV guide.

Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: travel channel on AC - 12/28/01 07:16 PM

KC -

12 PM shouldn't mean anything, of course. It's 12 noon or 12 midnight. Neither of them is post meridian or ante meridian. The sun is at the meridian.

But I think common usage has it that 12 PM is noon and 12 AM is midnight.

I really would like to see that. Maybe the video tape is available from the travel channel.

Our place is furnished, and we've "closed", sort of. All three bedrooms are rented for the next week. Hope our guests don't show up on a future travel disasters show.

Mike Ryan
Posted By: Marty

Re: travel channel on AC - 12/28/01 07:32 PM

thanks Kathy, I'll try to tape it tomorrow...
Posted By: Marty

Re: travel channel on AC - 12/29/01 01:37 AM

ah poop i don't get the travel channel.
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: travel channel on AC - 12/29/01 07:12 PM

Just saw the show and it was awesome.WOW!
Posted By: Marty

Re: travel channel on AC - 12/29/01 07:30 PM

i wanna see it, wahhhhhhhhh
Posted By: KC

Re: travel channel on AC - 12/30/01 12:05 AM

Well, I just realized that 12 PM/noon means 9 AM on the west coast. Poo. They must list eastern time zone on their website.

They run these shows over and over. I'm sure it will be on again.

Posted By: beachluvr

Re: travel channel on AC - 12/31/01 05:15 PM

wow! that was incredible, & it makes you understand why everyone on the island, who are usually so happy & smiling, turn grim whenever Keith is mentioned...nobody ever laughs or jokes about that at can really see the fear on their faces...would NOT want to be on that island during that & I can't believe those people stayed so close to the shore, but guess they had nowhere else to go
Posted By: Mosquitorose

Re: travel channel on AC - 12/31/01 06:30 PM

Yep, saw it some time was scary... those were some brave people..wasn't one of the ladies pregnant? or maybe I saw two different tapes.

Posted By: Marty

Re: travel channel on AC - 01/01/02 01:55 AM

If anyone ever gets a chance to tape it, let me know. I'll gladly pay for the tape, postage etc...
Posted By: KC

Re: travel channel on AC - 01/02/02 06:36 PM

Not sure where you got the idea that they broke into Mata Chica and took the food to Capt. Morgans. They weren't staying at Capt. Morgans (and I don't think anyone had electricity to cook food). They were staying at a villa in Caye Villas, and I *think* the villa they were staying in was owned by Sundiver. It wasn't totally clear which villa they were in, but it appeared that way to me. Anyway, it was the Capt. Morgan reference that threw me.

I'd love a copy of the tape also, and if I ever get a chance to record it, I'll let ya'll know. It'd be a fun video to put in our villa, dontcha think? LOL

Posted By: cjd

Re: travel channel on AC - 01/03/02 09:52 PM

I did a search on the Travel Channel website and couldnt find anything about that show, but I found that they're airing a show called Exotic Islands with an episode on the Belize Cayes on 1/25 at 2:30PM (EST?). They have a pretty cool reminder system whereby if you enter your email address they'll email you a reminder the day before a show you dont want to miss. (then probably sell your email address to every vacation-related direct marketing company in the world)

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