COVID Concerns on La Isla Bonita Grows

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COVID Concerns on La Isla Bonita Grows - 11/26/20 11:50 AM

Ambergris Caye has registered one thousand and eighteen cases of COVID-19. Three hundred and forty-two of those cases remain active. There are concerns growing that a surge in cases is being experienced on the island. In a now deleted Facebook post, the medical officer surveillance focal point on Ambergris Caye Doctor Javier Canul expressed worries on the matter. He said: “we took forty-three samples at the flu clinic. Of these we did fifteen rapid tests. Of these, seven came back positive!” The doctor said that, “sadly this is not surprising since we were expecting a surge after election. This should serve as an eye opener and reminder to keep our guard up and continue safe practices.” According to Doctor Canul, the island has also recorded cases of co-infections, persons who have COVID-19 and dengue. He says that one person is admitted at the Doctor Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic Two and that the person cannot be referred to the K.H.M.H. in Belize City because the hospital it filled to capacity. Director of Health Services Doctor Marvin Manzanero had said that the K.H.M.H. COVID-19 capacity is twelve patients.  Coastal Executive Unit Commander Superintendent Christopher Noble worries that the number of police officers who are COVID-19 positive might increase.

Supt. Christopher Noble, Commander, Coastal Executive Unit

“The COVID-19 pandemic, well is from the health sector we have been dealing with it. It is just as you note we follow the guidelines and hopefully we don’t get bog down with police men being COVID positive.”

Hipolito Novelo

“Has that number increased recently?”

Supt. Christopher Noble

“I can’t say because we have very minimal numbers on the island.”

Channel 5

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Re: COVID Concerns on La Isla Bonita Grows - 11/26/20 12:14 PM

Until they verify with PCR testing they cannot officially report solely on rapid test results. It is a highly contagious virus so it won't be surprising, but by the same token, people who are taking the precautions seriously are not contracting the illness. If you do get sick most will have no symptoms or they will be mild. The vulnerable - elderly, diabetic, obsese, hypertensive and who have immunodeficiency and other serious existing medical conditions should isolate and their carers should be hyper vigilant. But for the average every day person taking reasonable care should be sufficient to go about daily living. Hoping that this illness gets under control soon and looking forward to a vaccine!
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