Fly-fishing: Ambergris or Caulker?

Posted By: taylor

Fly-fishing: Ambergris or Caulker? - 01/03/02 11:29 PM

I'm going to Belize in May. I want to fly-fish for tarpon, bonefish, and permit. I know that both Caye's have fishing guides, but where is the best place to fish for cheap? It seems like guides on Ambergris Caye are so much more expensive than guides on Caulker Caye. With that being said, I'm looking more at Caulker Caye but want to ensure that I will till get a quality guide.
Any suggestions by anyone?

Posted By: brandilee3

Re: Fly-fishing: Ambergris or Caulker? - 01/04/02 06:57 AM


My boyfriend and I just got back from San Pedro today. We had a wonderful six day trip and did some fishing while we were there.

Check out a local by the name of Omar Arceo at phone number 016-0745 or 016-2410. He has lived on San Pedro his entire life and knows every fishing spot for every type of fishing you can think of. Flats fishing, fly fishing, reef fishing, deep sea fishing, lagoon fishing, mangrove get our point! He is a local and will only charge you about $125US for a half day and just a little more for a full day. You wont go wrong with Omar! Tell him, Michael and Brandi sent ya!
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Re: Fly-fishing: Ambergris or Caulker? - 01/04/02 10:04 PM

Thanks Brandi. I started out wanting to visit the cheaper Caulker Caye. (See article in Men's Journal magazine 12/01) But now, I think I want to visit Ambergris Caye as well.
Ambergris seems to have more things to do and more nightlife, but is also more expensive.

I'll definitely contact Omar and tell him that you guys sent me. I'll give you guys a report when I get back.

Thanks for the advice. If you can think of any other helpful hints (like how you got from Belize City to San Pedro...costs, process, etc) that I might need to know I'd appreciate that advice too.

Thanks again!!
Posted By: DOROTHY

Re: Fly-fishing: Ambergris or Caulker? - 01/05/02 05:50 PM

the trip from belize city is easy just take a plane from international. there is definately more to do on ac but cc is beautiful as well. there are water taxis between the two and are not too expensive. you can stay on ac pretty cheap unless you want four star then you will pay. there are alot of local fishing guides as well. a friend of mine, abby marin, is one. his # is 26-2124. i think he still has a web site too. if i remember correctly it is [email protected] his cost is about the same as the other one mentioned earlier. if you talk to him tell him jan says hi. i am sure either guide would be good. have fun
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Re: Fly-fishing: Ambergris or Caulker? - 01/10/02 04:08 PM

Definitely do Caye Caulker for 2-3 days. We just spent a week in San Pedro and were amazed that all the same trips/activities were offered on CC for much less than AC. CC is much more relaxed and there are a number of reasonable restaurants and bars. More than 3 days may get a bit much on CC, but then you could take the short boat ride over to San Pedro and stay there for a couple of days as well.
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