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Captain Morgans - 01/08/02 07:31 PM

Anyone know anything about Captain Morgans? We are arriving in Feb and were curious about reviews or upcoming "North End" activities!
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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/08/02 09:11 PM

I've never stayed at Capt Morgan's but being in the business gave me access to much info. I've always found Capt Morgan's to be always appreciated. I stopped in a few times and always found the staff to be quite nice, and the property nice and clean. I really do think you will enjoy yourself. But remember above all are in a 3rd world country and things should be viewed as such. You are not staying at a first rate US type resort. That goes for no matter where you would go in Belize. Go with an open mind and you will have a great vacation!
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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/08/02 09:18 PM

couldn't agree more. i stayed at the next resort north from there in '00.

at any place in a 3rd world country, keep an open mind. expect little and you will be pleasantly surprised. if you go expecting 5 star US standards, you will find yourself disappointed. make a point to talk to the people, it is their greatest asset.
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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/08/02 10:05 PM

Well activities are what you make them in Belize. A lot of people go there expecting the resort to entertain them. It doesn't happen. No matter what any resort tells you. You are first of all going for a relaxing time, to gather your thoughts so to speak... to simply enjoy your surroundings. Don't stay at the resort all the time, go into town, take trips to the mayan ruins... go everywhere you can afford... just don't lay around waiting for something to happen... it won't... CM has a good tour shop, take advantage of their services.
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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/08/02 10:23 PM

Thanks! We are looking forward to "decompressing" for a day or two and then maybe a little fishing, little wandering. Was hoping CM's was a good place to plant for quiet and then "hopping off".......
Have done the 5star stuff, but looking for a hammock and a cool breeze.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Captain Morgans - 01/09/02 02:29 AM

Denny knows much more about North Ambergris than I do, but I have to jump in and say that based on my experience editing or writing several guidesbooks on Belize and with Belize First Magazine, that Captain Morgan's -- like Denny's former employer Journey's End -- is one of those places that gets mixed reviews. Some like it; some don't.

There are some hotels in Belize, in all price ranges, that get almost universally good (or in a few cases bad) feedback, but Captain Morgan's is one that gets a mix of reports. Just use the search facility here on this board, and I think you'll get a sampling.

I think one reason is that this property has gone through a number of management changes over the years. It was run by a wholesaler and his son for awhile, then another group, then a couple from Belize City, who didn't last long, then there was another change or two. At one point the property was put up for sale, then it went into its condo development phase. It just doesn't have the consistency of management and mission of some of the best places on the island.

Personally, I've stayed there and enjoyed it, but on subsequent visits I haven't always gotten the impression the on-site management really was on top of things.

--Lan Sluder

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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/09/02 09:23 PM

lan - you could have written the exact same thing on journey's end!

c - if ya are only looking for that hammock & peace & quiet, you should be just fine.

see my north end pics from 8/00 (pre-hurricane keith) at:
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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/09/02 10:49 PM

I agree 100% with Lan.... both places do get mixed reviews constantly. However, if you have made your reservations at CM, then go with the flow... these resorts are all what you make of them. There are people that absolutely love CM, while others expected quite different... I have seen some complete idiots in Belize that think they are going to Cancun or Cozumel. Belize is truly one of the last really beautiful, natural and unspoiled places left in the Caribbean. Go with the right attitude and you're gonna have a blast. Go with exceptionally high expectations and you will have a terrible time.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Captain Morgans - 01/09/02 11:03 PM

I just re-read your posting Lan... While there have been management problems at the property... do you think the problem lies with the managers or the in-fighting, etc that has been going on here in the States with the owners, co-owners, etc?

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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/10/02 06:33 AM

Posted By: cubfan

Re: Captain Morgans - 01/10/02 06:15 PM

Thanks to all for the information! Nice to see all the positive energy people put into these boards wrapped around a common interest....AC!
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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/10/02 10:15 PM

We stayed at Captain Morgan's on our first visit to Belize in September 2000 and thought it was great. We where looking for a resort with a Island Feel and had to have a Palapa Roof. We got to stay in a second floor 1 Bedroom Villa complete with kitchen and it was very nice and comfortable. Everyone working at the resort was nice and helpful. We liked the secluded location up north and the pretty beach with hammocks.
There where some things we did not like so.
The restaurant was being decorated and finished for Temptation Island and the food was not that good. The pool had no water because they where getting it ready for TI.
We did get to use the pool next door in the Religios Retreat but we are not into having angels over our head while we swim and thought the place was way tacky. There was construction going on at the villas but it was not to bad. You will sink in mud/sand up to your knees when you walk into the water.
And the water taxi fee can add up when you go to town a lot. But over all we did like it there!
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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/10/02 10:22 PM

munichchick...were you able to arrange tours or other activities through CM? Just wondering what they might offer for fishing/snorkeling, etc.
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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/11/02 02:17 AM

Yes, it was easy to book tours there. They got us on the Amigos del Mar Blue Hole trip the day after we arrived and a snorkel tour to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley the day after that. Boats just pick you up at their pier. They also have their own boat that runs to town several times a day. You can walk to the Capricorn Restaurant which is very good and romantic if you don't feel like going into town.
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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/11/02 02:36 AM

Hello Janein PA. You have a "," instead of a "." before com so cannot access your pics! They are very nice! Thanks for sharing them!!
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Re: Captain Morgans - 01/11/02 07:27 PM

oops. no accounting for good typing skills.


many of the divers at JE's shop were staying at capt'n morgans. the dive operation at JE is top notch. steve was featured on TI too.
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