Banana Beach-Book Early

Posted By: otzzie

Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/09/02 02:38 AM

Planning a trip in mid-April and was checking on Banana Beach availability. This is our 1st trip to AC and thought that comments about Banana Beach sounded pretty good.
They are telling me that that space is filling up fast for that time period...Geezeee, what's the deal to book this early. Then again, probably not a good idea to avoid any disapointment.
Is this place really as nice as it sounds? Are the winds calm in April?
Would appreciate any comments.
Posted By: diveron

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/09/02 04:47 AM

Great choice!
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/09/02 04:55 AM

Banana Beach is an excellent choice, one that I regularly recommend (in fact, someone on another board accused me of taking kick-backs from the owner) but do keep in mind that "better book early because we're filling up fast" is what all the (good) hotel reservation people say. A hotel could be 90% empty, but they'd tell you to book now before the best rooms go.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: sscubabob

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/09/02 05:49 AM

I stayed there last year. Fantastic and it's worth the price to upgrade to the Ocean Front rooms. I made reservations via net with Tim and there were no hitches.

Great beach, good swimming, a tollerable walk from town. Immeadiately accross the street is a quaint store with most of what you'll need. The water there was the same price (maybe less)than the supermarket which I found the prices to be horrable.

It might be breazy in April. We liked it as we never had to run the air conditioning. Makes getting into the diving boat a bit of a rush at times.
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/29/02 07:18 PM

Me and my friends have about 10 rooms booked there for mid-april (week of the 13th) so that may have a little to do with it. We did have a room cancel in the last couple of weeks though which was oceanfront (cause the couple got engaged and need their money for their wedding this fall) so that opens up a room.

Glad to hear all the positive comments about this hotel. Thats one of the main reasons I picked it when I started looking for a place for us to stay. Definitely makes me look forwards to the trip even more!!! It will be the first time to Belize for me and all my friends so we cant wait! IF only Delta flew there we'd have a lot more going (since thats where all our Frequent Flier miles are as we are mostly out of Atlanta). The toughest part was shelling out big $$ for a plane ticket!

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: Jill Kennedy

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/29/02 07:26 PM

We are going to AC and staying at Banana Beach from Feb 22-March 9. Can't wait! Does anyone know about Ambergris Divers, the dive company they use? Thanks in advance for any help!
Posted By: Raymond S

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/29/02 09:10 PM

Banana Beach is Tops!!!!

I stayed there last year for over two weeks and found the staff so accomodating that it is almost impossible to believe. From making plane reservations, to golf cart arrangements to doing your personal laundry, they bend over backwards. I admit that my trip beginning February 2 to AC will not include a stay at BB but not for any personal reason or because of previous dis-satisfication. And the little bar next door at Mata Rocks is fantastic with good Cuban cigars.
Posted By: candybrown023

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/29/02 10:20 PM

otzzie - I am staying at Banana Beach Feb 8th-13th, so I will check back in on this board and let you know what I think about it, but I will tell you that I did EXTENSIVE research about the lodging on AC before choosing BB as our choice, and everything about it sounded great... But I'll let ya know.
Posted By: otzzie

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/30/02 06:48 AM

I have tried to send a message earlier, but i'm not sure that it worked.
Anyway, we will be there n are you,guys?
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/31/02 01:10 AM

Nope, didnt get a message. Are you there the same time as us??

We'll be there the week of April 13th. can't wait!!! We have a fun and wild group of folks going. Half are divers, the other half surface dwellers like me who only plan on diving into a Belikan or other cold beverage! Most of us are coming in from Atlanta though we have a few from other places like NY State, VA, TN and FL. THe only thing that sucks is the airfare... !! I think my credit card was smoking after I charged that flight.. eeck!

What are the rooms like at BB? I guess they have fridges so where's the best spot to stock them with beer and munchie food??

How is the beach there, can you swim off it (or float if I get one of those cheap inflatable things). And any input on what are the best bars / restaurants nearby...?? Basically any input is MUCH appreciated!

Posted By: otzzie

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/31/02 03:59 AM

Andrea, I am still just wondering about your whole group that can book 10 roooms.
Who the heck are you guys?
Anyway, we are Virgins(to Belize) and from Oklahma. Sure hope that does not scare you.
I have been to Atlanta and really like that town.
Anyway,me and my girfriend will be there from 4/12 to 4 20.
I got pushed into booking the Suite room. They tell me that all rooms have A/C and bathrooms(not shared).
Looking forward to seeing your whole group.
By the way, since we will arrive late on a appears to be the routine for Sunday as follows:
After that , get into your Golf Cart and try to find Banya Beach.
Last advise..dont' speed.
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/31/02 07:04 PM

We are a bunch of partying Parrotheads ( Jimmy Buffett fans.... looking for that Margaritaville). Heck, we had 150 of us on a cruise last year, some of us decided to do something different this time around. ( if you want to see what we got up too the last couple of years!). Most of us are from Hotlanta, the others are some friends who moved from Atlanta elsewhere (TN and VA) and another couple we met on the cruise last year who are coming down from near Albany, NY. Mostly in our 30s, with a few a bit older but all are growing older but not up!! Parrotheads are ageless.

Definitely a fun crew and we love to adopt other fun folks to come and hang out with us!
Looks like my boyfriend's mom and her boyfriend are coming now too so I guess I have to behave myself.. uh, not... I am on vacation..LOL!!!

The rooms are all suites from what I gather which is one of the main reasons I picked BB. Looks like a cool place and all I had read were rave reviews!! Tim has been great dealing with my little group and a couple of folks cancelling, booking late, or moving their dates around some.

Sounds like a good plan for Sunday though.. we are mostly flying in on Saturday the 13th so will be ready to go once we get there!!
Posted By: otzzie

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/31/02 08:31 PM

Andrea, now I am really pumped up!!!
Put on your Flip-Flops...What a small world...My girlfriend and I have been ParrotHead members of Tulsa chapter for past 7 years. Our club usually goes to Jimmy's concerts in either Dalles,or Kansas City. We vacation in Sarasota,Fl. and they have a huge PH membership down there. I am going to Key West next month for a week's vacation as well. We are in Oklahoma and winter(no Sun is a bummer).
God, this is fabulous....just think...going to Paradise and running into 100 other crazy PH's! I think that I may faint right now just thinking about that.
Got to run for now.....more later.
This is just too unbeliveable!
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/31/02 09:51 PM

Well there is just about 20 of us Belize bound! We decided to check out a new island versus doing the cruise this year. Unfortunately Delta doesnt fly to Belize or we would have had more folks going. Airfare from here bites!

We had a girl Julie Via from Tulsa on our cruise twice, I am not sure if she ever joined the Tulsa club or not. Most of us are Atlanta PHC. We did the Key West MOTM Convention last year too.. always a great time! Even stayed through the hurricane evacuation (all the wussies left).

Are you guys coming solo or with any other Okies?

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Banana Beach-Book Early - 01/31/02 11:14 PM

HEre is my e-mail if you want to correpond direct [email protected] We have an e-group set up for my friends and i who are going if you want to join that. A way for us to chat about the trip before we go.
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