amazing trip!

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amazing trip! - 01/11/02 09:27 PM

I just returned from San Pedro on the 9th of January. It was the most amazing trip of my life. I spent a lot of time on this board before I left. I worried with everyone else about where to stay and what to do... Now that it's all over, I see that there was no need for worrying. Every thing about San Pedro is wonderful. The people are nice, the restaurants are great, the adventures are like no where else on Earth. We snorkeled to days, took a mantee trip, and went cave tubing. All where way more that I ever expected. We ate fabulous meals at Emeralds Chinese, Sweet Basil, Elvi's, Rico's, and the Reef. The burritos at Mickey's were also something to try. I can't say enough about Banana Beach Resort where we spent our 8 nights. The cleaning staff was incredibly good. The front desk made my vacation a vacation. They took care of everything!! All of our trips, our transportation, directions...They were amizing. The view from my room was priceless. The pool and the beach were wonderful. The beach bar at Mata Rocks right next door was definitely a perk. Elvis was always there for a thirsty crowd. I wouldn't have stayed anywhere else. My advice is not to stress about doing everything and you can't believe everything that you hear on the board. Go to San Pedro. See the sights and do what you are into. If you're open minded- you are sure to have the time of your life. I know that I'll be back.
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Re: amazing trip! - 01/12/02 02:04 AM

You saw Elvis every night at the Mata Rocks bar. Was he by chance sitting on a pink elephant?
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