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Posted By: Ecotrekker56

Property Search info - 01/25/21 07:01 AM

Are the titles for properties available be viewed by the public? In the states if someone sees a plot of land or a house they can go to the courthouse of the county they live in and see who it it titled to. Is that possible here and without going to Belmopan? If so please tell me how. Thank you.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Property Search info - 01/25/21 12:42 PM

no - titles are in Belmopan only and you need to be an formally authorized person to look through the files (general public not allowed) You can hire a title searcher to look something up for you.
Posted By: Ecotrekker56

Re: Property Search info - 01/25/21 04:19 PM

Thank you Diane
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