fantastic week on ac

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fantastic week on ac - 01/17/02 12:17 AM

just got home from ac. trying to figure how to get back down, soon. wonderful stay at banyan bay. fantastic rooms, pool, beach and staff. rented golf cart for week, well worth it to get to various parts of the island and town. fantastic reasonable local food (red beans/rice with stewed chicken) at mickey's, the reef and papi's. also excellent, albeit pricier, food at elvi's and fido's. great breakfast at ruby's. wish we had had more time to try other places. just need to get rid of about half of the motor vehicles. the cabbies must have been imported from ny.
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Re: fantastic week on ac - 01/17/02 12:54 AM

Will be staying at Banyan Bay 4/28 - 5/5. Did you use them to book any tours. Interested in some reef fishing, and snorkeling Hol Chan and hopefully some spots that don't get quite as much traffic. Looking forward to a bit of substance abuse in the evenings. Hoping to rent a bike while there as transport. How far into town? Where is the nearest grocery/market?

102 days and counting.

New Orleans
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Re: fantastic week on ac - 01/17/02 07:08 PM

My wife and I are going to Banyan Bay 4/27/02-5/4/02. We are so excited. The board has been awesome in answering all of our questions in regards to ordering our tickets online to picking Banyan Bay. How much is it to rent the golf cart per week? How was Banyan Bay's restaurant? We want to go on one of the cave tubing excursions - can anyone recommend any? Is it possible to do a zoo trip and a ruin trip the same day? Thanks again in advance. Really looking forward to going to all of the places we have heard about.
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Re: fantastic week on ac - 01/17/02 08:11 PM

Not far into town, a 20 minute walk along the beach. maybe 10 minutes from a big store...

the restaurant at Banyan Bay has an incredible view. sits right on the waters edge. we have eaten there several times, its always been quite good.

Check with Ian Andersons for cave tubing: //

they sure gave us a great time. Its possible to do like Xunantunich and the zoo the same day. I'd check out Lamanai from San Pedro, its a great one day trip. Theres links to info at: //
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Re: fantastic week on ac - 01/18/02 08:41 PM

golf carts are USD$240/wk. + insurance. got ours at monchos. excellent service. when one gets low on juice, just turn it in, no questions asked. always lock your cart; the keys are interchangeable.

seafarious has gotten good ratings here on the board, and we used them for tours on the mainland, and had a great time.

cave tubing is okay if you want to float in a cold river through a damp cave. i didn't enjoy it, but obviously some do. all i could think of is getting back to the beach.

the restaurant is okay at rico's, but pricey. they don't seem to be very busy. we ate breakfast and lunch there, ordered drinks on the beach, but not dinner. there are too many other good places to eat for a fraction of the cost.

the grocery store, a fairly large one, is on the way into town from banyan bay. anything imported is very expensive, maybe twice what you would pay in the us.
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Re: fantastic week on ac - 01/18/02 09:19 PM

Hey Doc,
How was the beack at Banyan Bay? I hear it is very nice. My wife and I like to just lounge in the sand and hang out near the water. Is it good for swimming or is there too much sea grass?
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Re: fantastic week on ac - 01/18/02 10:52 PM

the beach itself is great. it's one of the best. most of the beaches toward town are very small and don't have very good access to the water. we waded into the water, but didn't swim. there is seaweed and it is cold. they keep the seaweed raked up, for the most part.
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Re: fantastic week on ac - 01/19/02 03:49 AM

We are going 3/16 for the week and staying at
Banyan Bay. One person posted that the water
was cold-will it still be cold in March? We will be scuba diving and are bringing 3m wetsuits for the dives, but I'm hoping we can swim without wet suits at the resort.
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Re: fantastic week on ac - 01/19/02 05:44 AM

Cold? Anyone who thinks 80 degrees is cold needs to come wade at the Oregon Coast! I guess "all things are relative."

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Re: fantastic week on ac - 01/19/02 05:00 PM

yea, cold is a relative thing. i didn't mean that the water's too cold to swim in, although, we didn't see many people swimming off the beach when we were there. however, if one dives, i would guess that one is probably accustomed to varying water temps. everyone i talked to that dived and/or snorkeled that week didn't complain.
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