beleavin' snow for belizan sand in March

Posted By: ladyquixote

beleavin' snow for belizan sand in March - 01/18/02 10:37 AM

We'll be in Belize for 1st 2wks/March/14 days for 1st vacation in almost 6 years w/samely deprived boyfriend. Q: Will it be foolhardy to wait until we get to Ambrigris to book a place to stay? Not sure how long we want to stay in AC--few days or a week, or longer. Possibly sample bits of mainland. If we wander outside of AC want to be sure we'll also be able to find avail. at moderately priced (for Belize) accomodations. 2nd Q:Air already paid for. Goal of $2000 saved by March. Will this get us food, shelter, snorkeling (1st timer) and a tour or two? Or, should we shoot for below mid-range in hotel? We're both in early 40s, looking for mellow adventure mixed with a little bit of jungle to liven up our winter doldrums and pale, pale, skin.
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Re: beleavin' snow for belizan sand in March - 01/18/02 06:31 PM

Shoot.... I'm no expert, but if you're traveling all that way you might as well have a place lined up to "hang your hat" for a day or two and relax!!! Plus, then your Tropic/Mayan Air will probably be arranged for you and you won't have to worry about airport transport to your spot.

i.e. this is a VaKay long coming for the two of you... after that feel free to roam as you please.

However, to each his own! Hope you have a fabulous time in Belize. We'll be there in May, and likewise haven't been on a vakay in years!

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Re: beleavin' snow for belizan sand in March - 01/18/02 06:44 PM

I don't think that it is a problem to wait and book a place after you have had a chance to look around, but I would book at least the first night and possibly the first two before you get there so you can relax a bit after the long trip...
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Re: beleavin' snow for belizan sand in March - 01/18/02 08:05 PM

You two are very right. A couple nights makes since--would also give us the chance to figure out which area we would most enjoy staying in.
I'm a combo night owl/imnsomniac--soon as I wrote my question and posted it, I thought, "dang"--that was a no brainer! Thank you.
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