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Posted By: Captain Dave

Activity Pricing - 01/21/02 08:15 PM

Does anyone have any knowledge about the price of the following activities?
-Cave tubing
-Wave runners
Also is there any specific tour operator that you would recomend?
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: Activity Pricing - 01/22/02 02:21 AM

Go see Tony at Fido's dock...he can hook you up with all of these things. Plus, the guy can sing a mean tune!
Posted By: barefoot

Re: Activity Pricing - 01/22/02 03:16 PM

Hi Captain,
Most of the websites have the activity pricing on them. They all run about the same from company to company except cave tubing. That one ranges from $145 to about $165US. It depends on whether you take a boat or plane over and how many miles of tubing you do. Check out the different websites for prices. It's really easy to set things up once you get to the island. Most of the companies can handle everything for you. Don't worry about paying a middleman. All the tours are charged at the same rate.(some hotels may charge more)whether booked direct or through another tour operator.

Hope this helps,

Dawn O'Connor
Posted By: Marty

Re: Activity Pricing - 01/23/02 03:02 AM

Tonys site is at: //

PS he has sung before 20,000 people! Yikes!

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