Turning Forty

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Turning Forty - 01/23/02 04:05 AM

Saturday I turn forty and I was determined to do it out of the States.

I'll be in SP the 24th til the 28th.

Y'all got anything planned for my birthday?
Posted By: Rocio

Re: Turning Forty - 01/23/02 04:35 AM

An early "Happy Birthday", have a "Good One"!

I turned 50 in Mexico a few years back, it was a day that I will never forget...., I've now been married for 8 years to the wonderful present that I received that morning, we have a 7 year old son. I just turned 59.

Again, Happy Birthday and Enjoy your trip....


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Re: Turning Forty - 01/23/02 05:20 AM

Young punks....yer still wet behind the ears! Methinks I'll have a drink o' grog on Saturday for ye...Happy Birthday!
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Turning Forty - 01/23/02 05:28 AM

Nothing going on here. Wish I could be in AC. But nooooo. I say, go to BC's and tell them it is your birthday. See what happens!
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Turning Forty - 01/23/02 02:21 PM

Hit the Palapa on Sunday! [Linked Image]
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Re: Turning Forty - 01/23/02 04:07 PM

Thank you all.

Any suggestions on where to celebrate my quadradecennial?

(Hey, how's that for a fie-dollah word?)

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Posted By: Rocio

Re: Turning Forty - 01/24/02 05:13 AM

Hey TF.....

How are things in Houston town, with all the BS we've seen on the news.....? Boy am I glad that I'm out of the "rat race". I havn't been back in over 5 years......! Anyway, Anyhow, I'll drink a toast to your birthday, Saturday at sunset, with a sip or 2 of JD Black.


Posted By: Debbie

Re: Turning Forty - 01/24/02 05:00 PM

Ditto on the Palapa on Sunday and BC's for a birthday celebration. I had my birthday at both places last June, and had the time of my life. BC's will do it up right!!!!! Although, you mustn't forget. it's tradition to have a blue tidy bowl drink there on your birthday...... In honor of our board friend Choo Choo....... Hang on to your socks!!! It will kick your butt into the dirt!!! Have a wonderful birthday!!!
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Re: Turning Forty - 01/24/02 05:10 PM

Thank y'all very much.

As for Houston, we're all so busy shredding Enron documents, it's hard to get a minute's rest!

Letterman said the other night that Enron Chairman Ken Lay was spotted slipping over the border into Pakistan . . . Ar ar.

I can't drink tidy bowls; they make me flush.

This'll probably be my last post til after I get back. Flight leaves today at 1:30; I'm doing two days at El Pescador to fish seriously, then two days at Ramon's to party seriously.

Happy birthday to me . . .
Posted By: Rocio

Re: Turning Forty - 01/26/02 04:21 PM

Happy Birthday, Turning Forty......

It's your day, enjoy it to the fullest.....,

I'll be toasting you a sunset.

Posted By: Chloe

Re: Turning Forty - 01/26/02 04:49 PM

Happy Birthday Turning Forty. ENJOY-BELIZE IT, UNBELIZABLE.
Turning Forty was a crying birthday for me, but the best in the long run in Mexico.
Turned Fifty in Costa Rica.
Turned Sixty in Belize.
Hope to celebrate every Birthday now in Belize, even tho I do not live in Belize.
Forty is a definite Turning point in Life.
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