Police Investigate Scam at the Traffic Department in San Pedro

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Police Investigate Scam at the Traffic Department in San Pedro - 04/09/21 10:51 AM

News Five has confirmed that a police investigation is currently underway at the traffic department in the island town of San Pedro. This follows reports that a number of residents were conned in a well-put together scam carried out by former and current members of the public department. It involves traffic stickers which were paid for and received, but are reportedly fake. News Five has been reliably informed that a raid of several residences on the island yielded evidence to suggest that the scam was ongoing for some time and that former traffic wardens and a technician within the department are involved. Today, a public notice was issued by the town council stating that the traffic department office on the island was closed for the day and will reopen on Friday. News Five attempted to get a comment from Mayor Wally Nunez today, but we were told that he was in a meeting with the Coastal Executive Officer, Superintendent Chris Noble.

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Re: Police Investigate Scam at the Traffic Department in San Pedro - 04/10/21 10:46 AM

More Details on San Pedro Traffic Scam; Several Persons Detained

Several former and current employees of the traffic department in San Pedro have been detained by the police as an investigation continues into a traffic sticker scam in the island town.  Today, Mayor Wally Nunez spoke with News Five about how some residents were conned out of their money in exchange for fake traffic stickers; even worse is that some persons knew that the stickers were fake, but nevertheless engaged in the crime.  News Five confirmed with the mayor that several raids have yielded incriminating evidence and there seems to be insurance fraud too.

Wally Nunez, Mayor, San Pedro Town

“Based on information, San Pedro police did some search and they went ahead and searched these persons who had in their possession some of these stickers. In their computer, they found more evidence and so they had to detain both of them. Based on that information, we had to take the decision to close down the traffic department so that we could have a further investigation and to backup the system on the computers. At the moment we have had two persons that were employees and two persons that are civilians who actually had stickers with them.”

Duane Moody

“Now is there anything to suggest that there was collusion with persons still employed at the traffic department?”

Wally Nunez

“Yes some of the information that has been given to us states that there are some people still involved so that’s why we are doing this investigation and we are not going to let them come to work. We want to do a full investigation.  We don’t have an exact figure; we just know that it is not only licenses, but insurance as well. So both the insurance companies and the town council will have to look into this matter very seriously because it is revenue loss and we need to look into it so that we can get to the bottom of it because this is something that seems to have been ongoing for quite a while.”

What Happens to Those Caught in Scam?

So as you heard, there were also fake insurance documents being issued. Mayor Nunez says that the investigation continues to determine the extent of the scam as well as the total amount of money that was fraudulently acquired in the obvious breech of process. But what happens to those who unknowingly purchased these fake stickers and insurance? Will they get their money back and be a legitimate sticker re-issued?

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Re: Police Investigate Scam at the Traffic Department in San Pedro - 04/14/21 12:46 AM

SP Traffic Department fraud scheme results in one person charged for possession of false documents

[Linked Image]Following an investigation into a traffic sticker scam at the San Pedro Traffic Department, one person was charged with six counts of possessing false documents. That person is a former employee of the traffic department Kai Zetina. When he appeared at the San Pedro Magistrate Court, he was offered a $5,000 bail, which he met. Zetina is to report back to court on June 9, 2021. The investigation indicates that other persons are still under investigation, but only Zetina has been charged.

According to reliable reports, some of the residents buying the fake stickers were aware of their ingenuity. Some of these persons who were supporting the scheme are said to be business owners. These persons were reportedly paying even higher prices than those from the traffic department. The Mayor noted corruption must come to an end and supports the ongoing investigation. Nuñez asked people to cooperate with the law and to bring in any suspicious stickers they may have. These stickers come from the Ambergris Caye Traffic Control Committee and license stickers as well. Those affected by the scam will more than likely not get their money back. They will need to re-apply for genuine documentations/registrations for their vehicles.

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Re: Police Investigate Scam at the Traffic Department in San Pedro - 04/14/21 10:22 AM

Fake License Stickers Show Up On San Pedro

The new town council in San Pedro has unearthed what looks like a well organised white collar crime operation.

Reports reaching 7News tonight are that a case of systematic fraud has been discovered at the San Pedro Town Council's Traffic Department. It appears that fake license stickers have been sold to vehicle owners in that town.

The investigation, which we are told is still unearthing evidence, has started revealing the existence of fake stickers. It is believed at this time that these counterfeits were produced somewhere outside of the Traffic Department.

We are told that residents are starting to come forward with complaints that they might have been scammed into procuring these fake stickers.

When we spoke with the Belize Rural South Area Representative, Andre Perez, via telephone today, he stressed that this investigation is still live and he could not reveal details at this time. He did tell us though that persons could be facing criminal charges. We've since been looking closer at the case, and we were informed that this man, Kai Zetina, was recently arraigned at the San Pedro Magistrate Court for 6 counts of possessing false documents. He was able to meet bail of $5,000, and he must report back to court on June 9, 2021. Zetina is a former employee of the island's traffic department.

Our colleagues from the San Pedro Sun Newspaper report that island cops were alerted to these fake stickers during their Easter Weekend policing efforts. While stopping vehicles at different checkpoints, they came upon registration and insurance stickers that appeared suspicious. They quickly initiated an investigation in collaboration with the island's traffic department. That investigation reportedly led to raids on several homes, which turned up incriminating evidence.

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