Good Friday

Posted By: ccla

Good Friday - 01/26/02 05:14 AM

we will be arriving on March 29th and I was wondering if the bars and restaurants will be open ... too late to change our plans, but at least we will know to be prepared!! Thanks! Carla
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Good Friday - 01/26/02 11:08 AM

WE will be there on the 30th!!Ya Hoo!!

email us so we can get together...

[email protected]

Thanks, Rick
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Good Friday - 01/26/02 03:20 PM

Yes, they're open....but during the "procession" some will close their doors and stop serving alcohol until it goes thru town...not too long! Hope to see you there!! C
Posted By: ccla

Re: Good Friday - 01/27/02 05:51 AM

How about Easter Sunday?...will BC's and Palapa still have their usual Sunday events??
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Good Friday - 01/27/02 10:39 AM

you bet they will...!!!!!!!! Its a great time... Rick
Posted By: gwg123co

Re: Good Friday - 01/28/02 05:51 AM

We will also be there over Easter.

What kind of Easter related activites will there be on AC ?
Posted By: hacker

Re: Good Friday - 01/29/02 03:26 PM

Hey Carla....

AOL'ed Papa flo and talked about going to AC.

We're working on air fares and trying to tie up some loose ends here.

Still don't know if it will work out, but we're giving it a shot.

If it does'nt.... We'll have to meet in N.O. for sure (post superbowl)

will check the board, if they don't shut me down.


<<<<< GO PATS!!!!!!>>>>>

Re: Good Friday - 01/29/02 08:10 PM


I didn't think you were going to be in SP for Easter. We'll be there, at the usual place, this time with a small "cozy" group of 12.

Hope they don't use up all the Blue Curacao again dying those eggs. I hope this BC's place is not too hard to find, sounds like it could be fun.

Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Good Friday - 01/30/02 05:28 AM

We are very much hoping, depending on work, could get a promotion at that time and may be hard, but I'm truely planning on being there.. We will be at the Holiday as usual.. Look us up.... Can't wait to get there.. Even as many times we have been there it gets harder to stay here... Our house will be done somethime in April or May... Ya hoo... Email us at home ChooChoo, we can talk.. [email protected]

Talk with ya soon... Rick
Posted By: ccla

Re: Good Friday - 01/30/02 06:00 AM

Thanks for all the info on Easter weekend!

Hey Hacker....we sure hope you can work it out! It would be great to be in San Pedro with you and Gingersnap, again!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Good Friday - 02/09/02 09:00 PM

Actually in accordance to Belizean law all establishments are required not to sell alcohol till 6 pm on Good Friday. Most bars don't open until then. Bring a bottle from duty free if you need a drink before, but come 6 everyone is ready to get out and party!!
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Good Friday - 02/10/02 05:06 PM

BOO AND HISS!!! Looks like we won't make it until end of April...around the 23rd!!!!
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