rasta pasta

Posted By: kmatson

rasta pasta - 01/27/02 06:32 AM

Does anyone know if Marilyn is still marketing her spices?
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: rasta pasta - 01/27/02 10:43 AM

Not right now, but will in the future, last I heard she was in Belize city... Let us know if you hear anything.. Thanks, Rick
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Re: rasta pasta - 01/27/02 04:18 PM

last year debbie ordered spices on the internet from them.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: rasta pasta - 01/27/02 05:25 PM

that's right, I did. Twice. And they are AWESOME!!!
The absolute best, hands down, best, Jamaican jerk spices for chicken I've ever had. We use jerk spices A LOT!!! Nothing compares to this...... The recipe comes on the package. An all day affair, for the stuff has to marinate, but finger lickin good! I am so bummed she's not making it right now.... I'm down to my last package!!!!!! [Linked Image]
As a side note, I had the spices shipped to my work address. The entire office smelled like jerk spices. EVERYONE wanted to know what the heavenly smell was..... I made a batch for them for a luncheon, and all were fighting over who got seconds.....

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Posted By: kmatson

Re: rasta pasta - 01/28/02 05:02 AM

I know they are great; have purchased them many times before. Was just wondering if Marilyn was still in business in light of all that has happened to her family. I would understand if she was doing something else or living somewhere else now. I think of her and Albert often, especially when I cook. Kim
Posted By: rastapasta

Re: rasta pasta - 01/31/02 07:34 PM

Just want to let everyone know I am doing OK
I am so thankful for all your kind thoughts and prayers..we are coping with all. I am still doing my wonderful seasonings and reopening Rasta Pasta at the Inn at Robert's Grove on the Placencia Point on the lagoon dining over 10 feet of water under the stars and a huge screened in thatch. You can reach me at [email protected] or [email protected] and can still order through the shop on the site. jAgain thanks for all your love and support through such a rough time... Maralyn
Posted By: kmatson

Re: rasta pasta - 01/31/02 10:11 PM

Good to hear from you Marilyn and that your life is moving on. You are one tough lady. I am glad to know I can still purchase your spices and I hope to see you next time I am down. My very best to you and yours. Kim
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: rasta pasta - 02/01/02 06:12 PM

Maralyn...Congrats on opening your business at Robert's Grove! It is absolutely the best hotel in the entire country. My wife and I will definitely be paying you a visit on our next trip to Placencia.
The best of luck to you!
Posted By: Marty

Re: rasta pasta - 02/02/02 07:49 PM

Here's where the spices are for sale:
Posted By: rastapasta

Re: rasta pasta - 02/27/02 08:12 PM

Woooppppss "Things didn't work out for me at Robert';s Grove and I am now in corozol with my daughter and grandson figuring what next??? Any ideas?? open to anything... Maralyn
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: rasta pasta - 02/28/02 07:09 AM

I only met you a couple of times, but loved being with you those times. I've asked about you each time I've been back. I'm so very sorry for you loss and hope you find roots soon. On A/C whenever I asked about you I always heard kind words and that people missed you. Hopefully our paths will soon cross again.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: rasta pasta - 02/28/02 05:24 PM

i bet if we really thought, we could come up with some unique ideas for maralyn' future business. c'mon boarders: what does AC need that it doesn't have yet? a brewpub? philly-style cheesesteaks? a weekly beauty pagent for tourists? a bowling alley?

can't some of you smart or creative folks think of something?
Posted By: Debbie

Re: rasta pasta - 02/28/02 06:18 PM

I've heard MANY of the locals complaining about the horrible lack of office supplies for their businesses........ We brought down pencils, adding machine tape and several printer cartriges when we came down for a friend in need. Just a thought.
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