Tropical Belize or Banyan Bay?

Posted By: alan

Tropical Belize or Banyan Bay? - 02/01/02 08:35 PM

We're torn between the two. Would you recommend one over the other? Why? Any/all info greatly appreciated.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Tropical Belize or Banyan Bay? - 02/02/02 05:57 PM

Assuming that you are referring to Tropica, that and Banyan Bay aren't really comparable, except that they are close to each other on Mar de Tumbo beach. Banyan Bay has big, beautiful, 1000 square foot two-bedroom, two-bath condos, with full kitchens, living area, jacuzzis in the master bath. Tropica has attractive but certainly not overly large hotel rooms. You could probably fit four Tropica rooms inside a Banyan Bay apartment.

Of course, the prices reflect the difference.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: brandilee3

Re: Tropical Belize or Banyan Bay? - 02/03/02 12:06 AM

My boyfriend and I stayed at Tropica over new years- I have to agree with what Lan said. The rooms at Tropica are very small and not well decorated. The beach at Tropica is awsome, lots of palm trees and not much sea grass. At Banyan Bay there are no or very few palm trees and lots of sea grass, but it is an awsome hotel. And they have a wonderful cafe called Rico's (we ate there 3 times).
They way I see it is you pay for the beach not the room- the smaller the room the more you want to be outside.
You will have a wonderful time no matter where you stay. Have fun and enjoy your trip! I am so jealous.
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