Looking for Budweiser

Posted By: firefighter's wife

Looking for Budweiser - 02/03/02 01:13 AM

It sounds like all the beer drinkers on this board love Belikin's, but my husband insists on his Budweiser wherever he travels....he actually took 2 cases duct taped together as his carry-on last year. I'm trying to avoid the embarrassment in the terminals this trip and wondered if Budweiser is available in the stores in AC and how much a case costs...he is a very thirsty guy!!! Thanks a lot ...Lori
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/03/02 01:26 AM

I see Bud groceries occasionally, but it's REAL expensive. Like US$2.50 or $2.75 a can. That's per 12-oz. CAN.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: Rocio

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/03/02 02:36 AM

If he has to have it, he had better bring it!
Don't be embarrassed, I carried 2 cases of Coors in carry-ons, to Atlanta many years ago. The FA kept wanting to put it in the overhead, poor girl.

One other thing, I don't know if you can get it by the check points now.

Good Luck.

Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/03/02 05:23 PM

As a Bud drinker he probably won't be disappointed with Belikin!...And there is PLENTY of it around too!!
Posted By: klcman

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/03/02 05:46 PM

Budweiser----is that beer?
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/03/02 07:36 PM

Know what Lori... talk him out of taking the Bud... he needs to taste Beliken. I was a devout Bud drinker until I went on my first trip and tried a Beliken... now I can't get enough of the brew. I keep thinking of new ways to smuggle more out everytime I go.

Plus, another way to look at it is the fact you are going on vacation to a foreign land... forget what you do the other 51 weeks a year. You're in a foreign country, go with the flow... enjoy the food, try the different drinks... you can get Bud anytime back home...

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Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/09/02 08:53 PM

The cheapest place to buy Bud is at Richies'storein Boca del Rio, it is about 55-65 for a half case. The only 2 places I see it in stock is Barefoot Iguana's and here at Mango's but it is $8 BZ each, same price as Red Stripe
Posted By: playabees

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/13/02 09:02 PM

There's a store here on the north end of town by the San pedro Grocery store (gringo market) that carries Budweiser ($5BZ a can.) Every once in a while I'm forced to splurge. I grew up two blocks from the Brewery in St. Louis and woke up to the smell of hops and barley roasting every day. It was better than breakfast.
Posted By: firefighter's wife

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/14/02 07:18 AM

Thanks for all your suggestions....hopefully he can cut his Budweiser consumption down from his usual 12 pack so that we will have money left for snorkeling trips and dinner!! The airline said he can't bring it on the plane and it might explode in his checked luggage...the trials and tribulations of traveling with a hop-head!! Hope to see some of you the first week of March -- staying at Banana Beach and Caribbean Villas....Lori, Ron, Barb & Mike from Ohio
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/14/02 06:14 PM

I promise he won't go thirsty. Belize beer is really good. As Denny said, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!!!!!
Posted By: Barefoot Skinny

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/17/02 12:44 PM

Ahh....Belikin on ice... Is that beer? u da betta Belize ut! Belikin Light!
Posted By: Wasatch

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/17/02 10:59 PM

OK here is what you do,,,,get a mess of Bud labels prior to leaving,,and paste them on Belikin bottles when you hit A.C...dont worry no problem or just tell your husband,,inhale, exhale and enjoy...

Re: Looking for Budweiser - 02/18/02 04:37 PM

"when in rome" you do have a choice of a premium or superior belikin over just plain belikin. david suggests that over the regular brew. i myself am hooked on panty rippers.
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