Tropica Resort for a Wedding. Opinions?

Posted By: AmericanAmazon

Tropica Resort for a Wedding. Opinions? - 02/07/02 08:27 PM

Hello all. Thank you so much for all your input and the links to all your lovely wedding pictures. Well, my fiancee and I had pretty much settled on Banana Beach for our wedding unitl I saw Tropica's website. They offer an actual wedding package, they are less expensive than Bananas and they have a restaurant ( good for a celebration dinner with our family and friends after the ceremony). I also noticed that they have what looks to be a very nice beach to use for the wedding. Has anyone ever stayed there, been married there or eaten there? Is the beach they have as nice as it looks? Any info or suggestions regarding Tropica would be appreciated. Thaks AA
Posted By: Marty

Re: Tropica Resort for a Wedding. Opinions? - 02/09/02 02:58 AM

The beach is very nice, we have eaten several times at the restaurant, its been quite good. Love the crabs on the wal...

never been married there though! sure would like to!
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Tropica Resort for a Wedding. Opinions? - 02/09/02 03:31 AM

While both are good places, there's no comparison between the rooms at Banana Beach and Tropica -- Banana Beach's suites are two or three times as large as Tropica's rooms, which are not suites.

The two places are within a few hundred feet of each other, so if you stay at one you can walk to the other, or for that matter to other restaurants and hotels on the South End.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: brandilee3

Re: Tropica Resort for a Wedding. Opinions? - 02/09/02 11:38 PM

My boyfriend and I stayed at Tropica over New Year's- the beach is very nice, pretty palm tree's and not much seagrass(I hate that stuff!!) The resturant deck is also very nice. Lan is right about the rooms being small....but I payed for the beach not a room is the way I look at it! I have a lot of pictures for the beach and resort from the pier that I took I will try to post and e-mail them to you soon, so you can take a peek of the place.
Posted By: diveron

Re: Tropica Resort for a Wedding. Opinions? - 02/10/02 06:14 AM

Tropica has a great beach and resturaunt. I have stayed at Bananas and have visited the rooms at Tropica. Bananas are bigger and have a kitchen, but Tropicas rooms were nice as well. Tropica has more of an island feel IMHO.
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