Honeymooning and hurricanes.....

Posted By: rschnede

Honeymooning and hurricanes..... - 02/07/02 10:46 PM

I am really trying to talk my fiance into going to AC for our honeymoon. The only thing that makes both of us nervous is hurricane season. We will be leaving Michigan on October 28th and probably returning November 4th or 5th.

Does anyone have any advice on the weather down there at that time? I really don't want to get stuck in a hurricane the week after my wedding!

Thanks a bunch!
Posted By: KC

Re: Honeymooning and hurricanes..... - 02/07/02 10:50 PM

Yep... it's hurricane season, but no one can predict if one will land on AC. Heck, even when one is brewing in the Caribbean, they don't know what twists and turns it may take...

Think of it this way... what better place to be stranded on your honeymoon! [Linked Image]

Posted By: EuroTrash

Re: Honeymooning and hurricanes..... - 02/08/02 01:26 AM

If you can't move the honeymoon to a later date and want to ensure perfect weather, it's just not the time to go. We have been in the area twice during hurricane season -- once in Chiapas in late November, once on Cozumel in late August -- and both times there was a hurricane brewing somewhere, which brought tons of rain for one to two days. Go to Hawaii instead, or try the Galapagos Islands!
Posted By: trina

Re: Honeymooning and hurricanes..... - 02/08/02 04:03 AM

I agree. I wouldnt' go anywhere in Central America or Carribean after July through the fall. Too risky...why ruin the honeymoon with bad weather? Go before July, go somewhere else, or wait till Christmas time or spring.
Posted By: BillandJeanne

Re: Honeymooning and hurricanes..... - 02/13/02 06:57 AM

Personally, GO!

You can always be evacuated.

I grew up with hurricanes a part of life.

Not that big of a deal if you're careful.
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