First time

Posted By: Utard

First time - 02/08/02 02:53 AM

Im in the first stages of getting a trip together for A.C. ( sometime later in July/Aug ) Do any of you fine folks have any info good/bad about the Hideaway Sports Lodge.
Is a fishing permit/license required ?
Ive gone over the posts to this site so I know where to get good food and Belikin beer.

Any assistance re: what to bring would be helpful.. I do a lot of photography,so should I bring a ton of my own film and risk having it zapped in the airports and rendered junk or is Fuji film available at a reasonable price on A.C. ??

Thanks for any assistance,, ( Ill buy you a beer when I get there )...
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: First time - 02/08/02 09:44 AM

Hey you all, well give you the skinny... Hideaway is great... Email us [email protected]
and we'll give you all the info.. Thanks, Rick
Posted By: Chloe

Re: First time - 02/08/02 05:48 PM

I am reluctant to say this, but truth is truth, just watch the prices for food at Hide Away, or the amount of the check I should say, it should be BZ dollars not US.
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