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Digital Camera/x-rays - 02/10/02 01:44 AM

Hi Everyone!!!

Going to Belize in July.... Just got a new Digital Camera with CD. How do CD-ROM's handle x-ray machines? Anyone have digital that they have brought through airports?

We are staying at Casa Azul on the north side of AC.
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Re: Digital Camera/x-rays - 02/10/02 02:33 AM

Don't worry about it at all. But if you do just place the little memory cards in the little container that you put your coins, keys and other metal whatnots in, they will bypass all x-rays and metal detectors. Just think how many laptop computers go through the x-rays everyday, never heard a bad word yet...Or, if you are really worried about it you could e-mail the images home.
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Re: Digital Camera/x-rays - 02/12/02 04:42 AM

Digital tehcnology of any type is not affected by x-rays. And you have a CD in a digital camera?????? Hmmmmmmmm
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Re: Digital Camera/x-rays - 02/12/02 04:49 PM

bring plenty of ziploc baggies to put that beautiful camera in. everything there is wet. if u r staying north, you will be in lotsa little boats with flying spray. if the camera is not dry, u will be sorry. heed this advice!!!!

ps - i looked at the sony with the cd-rom but opted for the olympus with memory card & 10x zoom & niMh rechargable batteries. it is much smaller & easier to carry around. fits in my purse. i got upwards of 90 photos per memory card.

take lotsa pics then post 'em here for us!!
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