chicken drop ?

Posted By: jake5492

chicken drop ? - 02/12/02 01:46 PM

3 more sleeps and we'll be there...first timers!!!
My ques is ..what the hell is the chicken drop?? [Linked Image]
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/12/02 03:27 PM

Go to The Peir Lounge around 6-6:30. You buy tickets w/numbers on it. There is a pen with #'s on the floor......wherever the chicken craps, of course after someone blows on it's butt, wins the money!!!! Lots of fun!!!!!
Posted By: Raymond S

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/12/02 03:32 PM

The "World Famous Chicken Drop" is a truly unique beach event held on the white sands outside the Pier Lounge in downtown San Pedro.

Players purchase, at random, "squares" that are basically boards laid on the beach that are numbered one to one hundred. Purchase inside the Pier Lounge. Then when the board is "sold out" a large basket is brought out as participants and spectators crowd around the mesh-like fence that surrounds the numbered boards laid out on the beach.

The crown grows frenzied as Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) announces the event is to begin. A spectator is asked to pick a chicken from the basket, lift it out, and blow air on the chicken's rear and place it over the mesh-like fence onto the boards.

The crowd then begins to chant and urge the chicken "on" as it nears their numbered square.

Eventually, and sometimes it takes two chickens, the chicken poops and splatters on a numbered square, bringing $100BZ to the lucky better on that particular square.

It costs $1BZ per square to play and you can play as many squares as you please. 100% return, with one cavaet: If the chicken poops on your square before you can collect, you must wipe up the poop.

People start buying squares for the "drop" about six every Wednesday and last week there were three drops so get their early, stay late and enjoy the Belikins. They have plenty.

Oh yes, they are Chowder Heads at the Pier Lounge but don't hold that entirely against them.

Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/12/02 05:12 PM

I remember sometime back that there was a website that featured the Pier Lounge and the Chicken activity, but i can't remember where it is! Anybody got a clue?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/12/02 05:39 PM

ok, you know i am at home all day long (telling my husband how hard i work)...and on this board WAY too much...but i found the site:
Posted By: jake5492

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/12/02 06:46 PM

Thanks everybody.That's kinda what I thought...sounds fun!
We are chowda heads too!
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/12/02 08:11 PM

Thanks Jane. I'm on this board WAY too much too!........Richard
Posted By: capt_cu2

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/13/02 06:57 PM

Reminds me of the hermit crab races in St. Croix. Tape your name to the shell of the crab. THen they dump over a whole bucket of crabs in the center of a big circle. THe first crab to cross the circle. Wins. Sounds stupid but it turns out to be hilarious.

PS Whats a chowda head?

Dang just found this website today. Leaving in 5 weeks. Yippee!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/13/02 07:14 PM

Welcome to the board are in good company here........Belize IT.
Posted By: HJaneL

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/14/02 12:02 AM

Capt--We're leaving in about 5 weeks as well. YIPPEE!!! I have been looking at this web-site for almost a year and have learned soooo much! It's a GREAT website. Can't wait to get there! Hopefully we'll meet up at some point...
Posted By: klcman

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/14/02 03:14 AM

hey crab races - I seem to remember them on AC too....or was I in a drunken stupor?
Posted By: denverdan

Re: chicken drop ? - 02/14/02 04:56 AM

I've seen crab races, it is a cool thing! lol
And the chicken drop I think is a MUST! lol
Our family had a blast there, especially our younger teen who is a bit handicapped. She was even bought a rum punch for her luck!
(no worries, she did NOT drink it!)
Ya just have to experience it!
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