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CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/12/02 09:39 PM

I will be on Amergris Caye November 1-8 this year and need help in finding a place to stay. We've narrowed our search to Coral Bay Villas, Paradise Villas or Banana Beach Resort. Can anyone help me? Which place is the best? I'm concerned Paradise Villas might be too close to town, hence a lot of noise. Is that a problem and is pool noise a problem too? Coral Bay seems very nice and is quite reasonable, as is Banana Beach. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
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Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/12/02 10:23 PM

I will be going to AC from April 6-13 and staying at Coral Bay Villas. I'll let you know!~ I hope we made the right decision!!
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Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/12/02 10:51 PM

Pool noise is definitely not a problem at Paradise Villas. As for being too close to town, I wouldn't think that is a problem either. I find its location about perfect, myself. Just on the edge of things, close enough to walk anywhere you'd like to go and just around the corner from a grocery store.
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Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/12/02 11:12 PM

Just booked another trip to AC for May 1st. Guess where I'm staying. Banana Beach again (third time). Love it there. No question about it. Stay there and enjoy your vacation. Ocean front room is the way to go.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/13/02 12:24 AM

Didn't you just get back, Becky? No fair!
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/13/02 12:39 AM

Can ya belize it? Yep, I'm going to be doing a lot of OT til May. I couldn't let my pal Laurie go and drink all the pantyrippers by herself. Geeze, Louise Bobber. What are ya nuts? Hee, hee. Yep, I'm going back and the party's at Banana Beach. You better hurry up Bobber and make your next reservation.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/13/02 02:47 AM

I am working on the "director of Finances" for a possible Nov. I have 2 Belikins in the fridge, take one out and stare at it while forced to drink Corona. Have you ever heard anything more pitiful. Haven't had any lobster in over 2 weeks.
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Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/13/02 07:55 PM

You better look at those photos you sent me and dream on!
Lobster season is OVER tomorrow. Oh, how I suffer...Ha!
Take care! Come back soon, we've got Belikins to spare.
PS: I'm a little partial but I think Tradewind's Paradise Villas are a lovely place to stay. But, then again, I run them.
Posted By: Sammie

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/13/02 09:30 PM

Hey Becky!

My boyfriend and I will also be headed down from Chicago...and in an ocean front at Banana Beach--May 4-12. I'm sure I'll run into you....I can't wait!

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Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/13/02 10:42 PM

Steph, at least you have Belikins to get you through the no lobster season. Really know how to hurt a guy.

Next trip, we'll get the fish, some lobsters and the beer, you and Jim get the barbecue, and we'll set a new standard for "stuffed and hammered". I realize you are every inch a professional, but you can always use an evening off.
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/14/02 06:22 AM

Hey Sammie: I will be there 5/2 through 5/11 and also have an oceanfront at Banana Beach. You will love it. Didn't stay there last time, but stayed right next door. Great place. Maybe you and your boyfriend will want to do BCs barbeque followed by the Palapa on Sunday. Great time.
Posted By: E&T

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/14/02 06:28 AM

Uprrgal--Just got back from a week at Coral Bay. All is well there. Kind of hard to go wrong no matter which you pick. Depends on what you want. Coral Bay would be more on the quiet side with a large and more secluded beach area to lounge around on. Be happy to answer any specifics you may have about that particular place. Can't go wrong with any of the three.
Posted By: Sammie

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/14/02 04:35 PM

We're definitely in for BC's and Palapa on Sunday....I am sooo excited. I haven't had a real vaca in 3 years.....I look forward to seeing all of you!
Posted By: beachgirl

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/14/02 06:47 PM

Hey E&T
Tell me more about Coral Bay. This will be my first trip to AC and hoping we made right decision. Looking for quiet - no noise from the bars - just the surf. Are there trees between condo and the ocean to hang a hammock? How long of a walk to town REALLY? I first heard it was a 15 minute walk - then 1 1/2 miles. I don't think I can walk 1 1/2 miles in the sand in 15 minutes!! ARe the condos well furnished - blender for drinks? Thanks for any info.
Posted By: Capt Nemo

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/14/02 11:14 PM

I just got back from Banana Beach today. Very nice place but they are under construction. I don't know if its an addition or a new place right next door but if you want to sleep in, some of the noise can be irritating. The workers could also see right in the bathroom window if you didn't fog it up first
If I could do it again I would stay north of the cut.

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Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/15/02 01:36 AM

It's an addition to Banana Beach -- new units, new pool, and a restaurant, so I'm told.

--Lan Sluder

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/15/02 12:07 PM


Coral Bay has hammocks, and loungers in place. It is a 15 to 20 minute walk to town, shorter if you use the available bicycles. The units have everything you'll need including blenders. Everything is as good as new, if not new, and kept in first class working order. We have stayed there 12+ times in the past four years (solo and with friends), and have filled all the units in late March with our traveling companions.

Posted By: beachgirl

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/15/02 08:39 PM

I can't wait for my trip. This will be the first time in 6 years that I haven't gone to Akumal Mexico and I'm really going to miss it, but AC will be a new experience.
Posted By: tropicalfan

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/15/02 09:50 PM

Count us in to meet up for BBQ! There are 4 of us going down to AC May 4-11. We will be in the Cancun area 4/27-5/4. We are staying at the Tradewinds Paradise Villas this time and SO looking forward to the trip and getting away from the gray
Posted By: E&T

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/18/02 06:09 AM

Beachgirl--ChooChoo is right. Excellent accomadations. Hammocks already there for you. They're my favorite spot. If you are into R&R, bring lots of books. The walk to town is delightful. Travel the beach---easier and much more pretty. Half the time you'll be walking on concrete seawalls and most of the rest is hardpack sand. We find it helpful after a couple of hours (3-5) at BC's and then a big dinner. We only get on the bikes if we are heading farther north the Sweet Basil's.You'll love it. By the way---Hey ChooChoo---Everyone at CBV says HI. Consumed much vodka for you with Ernie's help.

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/18/02 04:58 PM


Thanks for the "Hi". Yep, we're gonna be there in about three weeks for a 12 day trip. Haven't been back since early December. Too long. We'll take special care of the place.

Yeah, that Ernie continues to get me into trouble regardless of threats and instructions to the contrary. Mrs "CC" says that I told Ernie a LONG time ago "that the liver is evil, and must be punished". Apparently he has too good of a memory, and took my statement seriously.
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Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/18/02 06:39 PM

OH NO - I'm disappointed to hear that Banana Beach is undergoing construction [Linked Image]
We will be there next month - any chance it will be finished by then? I'm not looking forward to early morning noise or peeping construction workers! In fact, I probably would have chosen another place had I known!
Posted By: firefighter's wife

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/19/02 12:57 AM

I'm going to Banana Beach the first week in March and was also upset to hear about the construction....I e-mailed Tim and he told me that the construction is in the back and along one side and that the roof was going on as he was writing me, so hopefully the noise will be minimal. He said we would not be affected by the project in our 3rd floor balcony room. Hope not!! I would like to hear the ocean, not hammering and tablesaws!!
Posted By: E&T

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/19/02 04:31 AM

Hey ChooChoo--Have a great time. I was going to leave you a bottle of Stolichnaya but sorry---I drank it. They're still holding a "blue thingy" for you at BC's. Wasn't brave enough to try one despite Charlenes less than flattering description. It's all yours. Hope we get to meet up sometime down there. Ed

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/19/02 04:32 PM


Yeah, Charlene is somewhat less than complimentary with her description of my favorite adult beverage. Something like "a lot of people have tried the awful thing, but no one's ever had a second. Ever."

I beg to differ with the gracious Char. At least three people have had more than one, myself and most recently two San Pedro residents. As a matter of fact, for the truly brave, anytime we're there the second "blue thingy" is on me.

In other words, in terms that you'll relate to, "open wide".

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Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/19/02 05:26 PM

Just returned from Banana Beach and have just REBOOKED my trip there for May. What does that say about construction?

There is some minor construction going on that did not affect me in any way when I was there. If you have been to San Pedro before you would know that there is a little construction going on everywhere. I say stay at Banana Beach and enjoy yourself. The noise will not affect you unless you go looking for it to affect you. The staff at Banana Beach is wonderful and the rooms are to die for. I have stayed at top of the line hotels and this ranks up there as one of the best. My boyfriend and I hated leaving the room if you get my drift and have vowed that when we come back in May to spend even more time in the room. You can't go wrong by staying at Banana Beach.
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Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/19/02 05:35 PM

P.S. Sammie, looking forward to hooking up for a drink or two at Banana Beach in May. Laurie will be there also. You will love Banana Beach. I'm becoming a regular there.
Posted By: firefighter's wife

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/20/02 03:09 AM

Thanks for the info, are one of the reasons I decided to stay at Banana sounds great! I wasn't very concerned once I spoke w/ Tim and you are right, there is always some kind of construction going on in the islands we have visited.....I am usually under the water or under the table anyway, so a little noise won't bother me at all....12 days and counting!......Lori
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: CoralBayVillas/ParadiseVillas/Bananas?? - 02/20/02 06:24 PM

Lori, I'm so envious of you, you will absolutely love Banana Beach. I hope you have an oceanview room (although all of the rooms are wonderful). We met up with some people who were staying in one of the courtyard rooms and I kept thinking, Geeze, this is better than my apartment back home. Take care and tell Tim I said hello. He's a hoot.
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