Ruby's or Coconuts???

Posted By: missgompers

Ruby's or Coconuts??? - 02/14/02 10:07 PM

I recently posted a message saying that my boyfriend and I are going to back in AC this summer. Yeah! And we can't decide where to stay. We stayed at Coconuts last time and really liked it. But we keep hearing good things about Ruby's - basically it is cheaper than Coconuts and closer to town. I guess what I'm asking is if anyone knows - is it worth the extra money and extra stroll south for Coconuts. Or is Ruby's just as nice and maybe more interesting? We would be getting ac rooms. Several of the guide books list Coconuts as luxury and Ruby's as budget. Any thoughts or experiences?
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Ruby's or Coconuts??? - 02/15/02 01:40 AM

Coconuts and Ruby's are definitely different classes of accommodations. I wouldn't call Coconuts luxury, but it is quite a bit more upscale than Ruby's. In-season Coconuts is a little less than twice the cost of Ruby's, but off-season the difference is less. Even the newer A/C rooms at Ruby's are pretty basic. Just depends on what you want, I guess.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Ruby's or Coconuts??? - 02/15/02 02:31 AM

Given a choice between the two, definately go with Coconuts. We stayed there and had a wonderful time. The breakfast downstairs was very convenient, and so was the bar on the beach. My only complaint was that there was still some debris in the water from the hurricane, and the barge stirred up the water so you couldn't see what you were stepping on. BUT.... If you're looking for nice, quality, good location, pool, condo, at a FANTASTIC price, try the Seven Seas. They were running a pretty awesome special last summer when we went, couldn't be beat. I noticed they still had some really good prices. Go to the top and click on accomodations. Check it out. We were VERY satisfied with what we got for the price.
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Re: Ruby's or Coconuts??? - 02/16/02 04:54 PM

Stay at RUBY,S!
Get room 25 at the top of the stairs. It looks out over the water and the coffee and breakfast is at the bottom of the stairs every morning. Besides, a room is a room, and if you are going to spend all of your time in the room then be concerned. The people at Ruby's treated us like family and we enjoyed every minute of our stay so don't worry about the "budget" crap and just enjoy your time on the Caye. Say hi to the dog that sleeps on the open lounger on the beach for me. Comin back soon!
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Re: Ruby's or Coconuts??? - 02/16/02 05:41 PM

Ruby's, Ruby's, Ruby's. If you really want to get the feel of SP and feel like a regular that's where to stay. Yes, it's very basic, but it's a great place to hang out on the decks at any time and watch/meet locals and other visitors! But--you also need to make sure you go to Coconuts bar to see Margie and Ada for a drink or two!
Posted By: beachluvr

Re: Ruby's or Coconuts??? - 02/16/02 07:15 PM

think I've already replied to you before about my stay at Ruby's...I too, had room 25, which is probably the best (I also had room 24 on the bottom floor which is nice because its balcony steps right off onto the sand) room 25 is nice because its balcony is on the corner, so larger, better view

i agree that if the room is important, go elsewhere..there is really not much in the room at Ruby's but the bed & bathroom, couple end tables & lamp...that was enough for me both w/a friend the first time (gone most of the time) & by myself the last time...guess if i was gonna be there w/my hubby, I might care more about the luxury of the room (might spend more time there, lol)

the real experience is outside the room, imho, and if you want lodging extras, its pay for them...if you just want a clean, comfortable place to rest & wash up, don't pay Lan said, it just depends on what you want, really
Posted By: trina

Re: Ruby's or Coconuts??? - 02/16/02 11:23 PM

All I can say is "Rubys Rubys".....we've been all over the world, literally...never had a better time or met better people.
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