Wedding in Jan.

Posted By: guinness1

Wedding in Jan. - 02/17/02 10:19 PM

We are planning a wedding on AC for next January and have it narrowed down to 3 locations. Any advice, pictures, etc. anyone can provide about these locations would be appreciated.
Ramon's, Victoria House, Portofino
I would like to know which has the nicest beach, accomodations, activities, etc.
There will be 3 other couples going with us, so we want to stay somewhere that everyone will like.
My only request is a decent beach to get married on!
Posted By: brandilee3

Re: Wedding in Jan. - 02/17/02 10:51 PM

Victoria House is so pretty and I think the BEST beach on the island. (When I get married it will be a VH) I have seen several wedding pictures posted and it is simply breath taking! Congrats and best luck!
Posted By: Wasatch

Re: Wedding in Jan. - 02/17/02 11:07 PM

Three ? other couples,,,sort of wierd,dont you in Utah its normal,,,but down there, Im not sure.... Have a great time wherever you end up...
Posted By: Wasatch

Re: Wedding in Jan. - 02/17/02 11:14 PM

For the best info,,go to

This site is the most informative site about A.C that you could hope for,,and Marty did it all or at least 90% of it..also Marty will answer your questions and give you great advice...
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Re: Wedding in Jan. - 02/18/02 12:04 AM

My parents, my fiance's parents and our best friends.....3 other couples.....

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Posted By: Nicki

Re: Wedding in Jan. - 02/18/02 04:32 PM

We got married at Victoria House last May. It was wonderful. They have a wedding site on the Victoria House website that has some really beautiful pictures. MSN deleted my website or I would put the link to that in this message. If I get another website up and running, I will let you know so you can see my pics.
Posted By: Turnbun

Re: Wedding in Jan. - 02/20/02 02:42 AM

I would say Victoria House. Good luck! You won't ever regret getting married on AC. I did it in Sept. and can't WAIT to get back!!
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