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Posted By: teacher

Resort Diving - 04/11/02 03:23 AM

I know that I read somewhere that certain resorts offer a "crash-course" on diving for a 30 ft. depth certification. We were wanting to get certified before we head down there..but don't have the time. Anybody know what I am talking about? Also, does anybody recommend somewhere/someone that we could do this with?

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Re: Resort Diving - 04/11/02 04:50 AM

There is no dive certification that I know of for depth limit.

What you are talking about is a 30 minute orientation to diving and then you go 1:1 with a dive master to a shallow reef. Itís great. That's how I started.

See for information.

HINT: Stick the regulator in your mouth, inhale, if it works, stick your face in the water. If they see you are comfortable they may take you to a nicer place. Also, read about diving in magazines. Hint: Changing vertical direction is more about changing lung size than moving arms and legs. Also, get horizontal and pull your weight belt up a bit so itís not hanging on your hips so you have an easier time keeping horizontal and ďthe finís upĒ

Have fun.
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Re: Resort Diving - 04/11/02 02:13 PM

Amigos Del Mar offers a resort course, I am sure others do also.
Don't know about the 30ft. thing - but you can dive without completing your certification if that is what you want to do.
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Re: Resort Diving - 04/11/02 07:55 PM

Great information..I just sent an email to the place you recommened to find out more about that option.
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Re: Resort Diving - 04/11/02 09:44 PM

I are a teecher also. I did a resort dive in Cozumel, and it was The Bomb. A Really good value. Nerdy Old Fart hint: Hydrogen peroxide your ears a few time before you go to make sure they are clear of wax.
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Re: Resort Diving - 04/12/02 12:08 AM

PADI offers a Discover Scuba Diving course which is a one day introduction to scuba diving. The depth limit is 30 feet and there is no certification offered, but you can dive with a divemaster or instructor for 2 weeks following the course.

PADI also offers a two day Scuba Diver Course which does include a certification which limits the diver to 40 feet. The diver must dive with a divemaster or instructor. The certification is good for life and can be upgraded anytime in the future to a complete Open Water Diver certification at any PADI shop.

Please visit for additional details.
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Re: Resort Diving - 04/12/02 03:07 AM

Thanks Kent. That's what I was beating around.

As for the Hydrogen Peroxide thing mentioned by Frank: Never heard of it. Ear wax is not the major problem of equalizing to my knowledge. The size of the channel (if that's term) affects the ability to clear the pressure for ears. Colds etc. affect the other air pockets.

Messing around with your ears is the worst thing to do as you can cause inflamation of the channel. If you have an ear wax problem, consult your doctor and if it needs physical cleaning do it several days before so that any inflamation of the channel will subside.

Relax and don't do anything unnatuaral to your ears unless you knowingly have a problem.
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