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Posted By: willira

Wedding in Belize - 02/21/02 03:13 AM

I am helping my sister plan a New Year's eve wedding in Belize and am having trouble narrowing down the choices. We will probably have around 40-50 guests in attendance, all with different interests. Most of us are quite active, love the beach, scuba dive, hike, etc.

The places I had in mind are:

a) Victoria House although they may not be able to accomodate all of our guests;

b) Ramon's--I hear that this is a great place and centrally located but some of the rooms are dated and is expensive for what they offer. Is this true? If we chose Ramon's I was also considering having some people stay at the Palms which is right next door. Any thoughts on either places?

c) Banyan Bay--got great reviews but I'm not sure if it would be big enough. How are the beaches?

d) Captain Morgan's--this was originally one of my first choice but I'm skeptical about having guests take a ferry into town. I've also been reading a lot of bad publicity on this place and it may be hyped up after Temptation Island.

If any one can offer any insight I would greatly appreciate it.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Wedding in Belize - 02/21/02 03:31 AM

Last New Year's Eve we saw a wedding of 85 guest at the Sunbreeze, they closed the Blue Water Grill to accommodate the wedding reception. Most of the guest stayed at Sunbreeze. Our family enjoyed chatting with them, and watching all the preparations, and picture taking..they were a fun group. All in formal wear. Julia and Michelle at Sunbreeze did a great wedding.
Posted By: bromista

Re: Wedding in Belize - 02/21/02 03:01 PM

With that many people, why don't you pick a few places in different price ranges and let your guests decide for themselves where to stay? I would recommend working with a travel agent. Pick out a few and provide the info to your guests along with the travel agent's name and number, and let the travel agent know which ones you chose. Your guests can then contact the agent and go with the hotel that best suits their needs. What hotel will the bride and groom be staying at? I recommend that they choose a few hotels they would like to stay at and then contact the hotel to see what they offer for wedding packages.

I too will be married on Ambergris Caye this April. Hope everything goes well with the planning!
Posted By: Turnbun

Re: Wedding in Belize - 02/23/02 02:58 AM

Bromista's idea is great. I got married on AC in Sept. and we all stayed at the SunDiver, which was wonderful! But we only had about 18 people. If you contact Iraida (, she can get you lots of options of places to stay and organize your wedding for you wherever you choose to have it. She's great!

Congrats! I love hearing about people getting married on AC. It was the BEST experience!
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Wedding in Belize - 02/23/02 05:23 PM

capt'n morgans will be too far away to be convenient to anyone else. i suggest you keep everyone within walking distance of each other. banyan, victoria are the nicest.
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