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Posted By: twospotdog

Photo Processing - 04/07/02 04:34 PM

We're moving down in June, and have a quick question... does anyone in Belize process Advantix films, or should we go back to a more traditional 35mm format?

Mary & Rick
Posted By: denverdan

Re: Photo Processing - 04/11/02 03:05 AM

don't know... sorry
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Photo Processing - 04/11/02 05:58 AM

There was only one place in San Pedro that processed film. His price for slide processing was outrageous. He may be better with prints.
I would suggest sending them via water taxi to Belize City. Should get a one-day turn-around and better price.
This, along with many environmental issues is why I'm going to digital.
Posted By: twospotdog

Re: Photo Processing - 04/11/02 02:06 PM

OK, we have considered the digital thing, but we won't have our own computer, so how would we be able to access the photos if using an internet cafe to print 'em up or send them to friends and relations at home? Anybody got any ideas? (I do agree about the environmental aspect, too)

Thanks, Mary and Rick
Posted By: ChilledOut

Re: Photo Processing - 04/13/02 07:15 PM

Don't know what sort of digital camera you have but Gecko Graphics can print from the Compact Flash Cards used in most cameras. They charge $3Bz for a letter size page of photopaper which is four standard sized photos. Or they will put them onto a regular floppy disk for you to then email to friends/family via the internet cafes.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Photo Processing - 04/14/02 10:48 PM

If anyone, it would be Spooner's One Hour in Belize City. phone 011 501 231043
Posted By: twospotdog

Re: Photo Processing - 04/20/02 02:26 PM


We'll try giving them a call.....

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