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Posted By: jellyfish

Just Curious - 03/07/02 04:05 PM

My husband and I are headed to AC April 6-16. I have been following the board & the place sounds heavenly. Am wondering what the basic age group is for us tourists? I'm 50 & he's 40 (Yep, got him right out of the cradle).
Posted By: scott meyer

Re: Just Curious - 03/07/02 04:25 PM

when we were there last month it seemed like there people there in every age demographic even children....if you get a chance take a boat ride over to caye caulker....on our next trip we will skip ac and go to caye caulker...less people cheaper prices and a nicer beach..
Posted By: cjd

Re: Just Curious - 03/07/02 04:50 PM

The only demographic I didn't see much of was college-age spring breaker types. Cancun can keep them all in my opinion. I was worried about it being a bit obnoxious after Temptation Island, but it wasn't like that at all. Thank God
Posted By: Rhon

Re: Just Curious - 03/07/02 06:12 PM

I agree mostly with what the above have said. We just got back on Saturday after having spent 16 days on AC. It was definately a mix of people. I'm 41, hubby 38 and we brought our little guy. I didn't see any spring breakers at all either!
Posted By: mddev

Re: Just Curious - 03/07/02 10:12 PM

Wife and I (both 36) will be in Belize 4/4-13. Maybe we'll see you there!
Mark [email protected]
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Re: Just Curious - 03/07/02 10:46 PM

I would say the average age is 40+. Yes, there are families but not like major tourist spots. Even the Ambergris roller coaster seems filled with older people and the water park too. ;~)
Posted By: beachbelle

Re: Just Curious - 03/07/02 10:57 PM

What about the late 20/ early 30 singles? My friend and I will be spending next week there and are hoping the atmoshpere won't be too "couple-y" or "grown-up" for us [Linked Image]
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: Just Curious - 03/07/02 11:16 PM


There were party animals at our second week in Feb bash. Couples and singles, in all age groups. NO ONE was too grown up, not even me, and I'm 65. I don't think it attracts (or at least retains) people who aren't pretty loose about life. If you're looking for a standard package, you ain't gonna find it there, baby.

I think having all the divers brings a complete mix in age and attachment. If you're young, you'll find lots like you runnin' around the beach and the dance club.

I don't know about the mainland stuff, but the Caye is really everybody except people looking to be taken care of in a big resort with all amenities and a big hotel facade.

You'll love it.

Michael (the Monster)
Posted By: missgompers

Re: Just Curious - 03/07/02 11:20 PM

Don't worry about the ages. My boyfriend and I went there last summer - in our late twenties and had a great time. We were on tours with thirtysomethings, fortysomethings, twentysomethings, fiftysomethings, and little kids. There were singles and couples and single parents. It's a wonderful place! Enjoy!
Posted By: cjd

Re: Just Curious - 03/07/02 11:47 PM

Yea we're 31 and 30 and most of the people we met were really cool and fun, ranging from mostly 20's to 40's, with plenty of folks my parent's age (50's) too.
Posted By: calkids

Re: Just Curious - 03/08/02 03:26 AM

Just Smiling..................
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