North or South Beaches

Posted By: teacher

North or South Beaches - 04/18/02 09:52 PM

Anybody have a feeling one way or the other about which area has a better beach? I am also thinking of the sea-wall thing...don't want that! (thinking Xanadu are or Belizean Shores area)

Which (in general) ones are more secluded?

Posted By: GetMeOuttaHere!

Re: North or South Beaches - 04/18/02 10:35 PM

Hi, Teach: leaving Sat morning, and after extensive research, have learned that the best beach is the one with Banana Beach Resort on's 3 words, the first one beginning with an "M"...can't remember....the other hotels, just south of town, have the seawall thing, so that's why we NYC babes are hauling 2 miles south of town....just to get to that beautiful beach!
Can't wait......see you Sun 21st at BC's!
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: North or South Beaches - 04/19/02 04:28 PM

I think you are referring to Mar de Tumbo Beach on which you will find Mata Rocks, Banana Beach, Tropica Beach, and Banyan Bay.

It's a long stretch of nearly white sand that is regularly raked in the hotel areas and is about 1 miles south of the centre of San Pedro town.

Banana Beach has a seawall that protects the hotel and keeps the beach area level directly in front of it, but you can easily enter the water from either side and the swimming is fairly good.

Posted By: mddev

Re: North or South Beaches - 04/20/02 03:23 PM

Seclusion is the North end. Belizean Shores is nice but sitll a long way from being finished so occupancy is very low. Plus, an added piece of seclusion is their cable is still out, which they'll probrably tell you "just went out".
Posted By: KJ

Re: North or South Beaches - 04/22/02 04:07 PM

My vote is for the North end too. Belizean Shores is where we stayed in April (had cable the who time), very nice accomodations at good prices. We liked the beauty quiet north, but could easily get to town by bike, which took 20 minutes or water taxi,
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