Activity questions

Posted By: Umpara

Activity questions - 05/16/02 09:07 PM

What a great trip report from Seaislegal. thanks so much for those great photos! you guys really packed your vacations with activity. although my husband and I have been snorkeling on different islands in the carribean, it was mostly from a walk in entry. How "managable" is it to snorkel/dive from the boat? (like getting in and out) Also, what is cave tubing all about? sounds like fun, but bats??????? We're not oxygen thiefs (ederly), but we're not 20 either. how much energy will i have to expend????? i mean, bend the elbow i can handle!!!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 01:13 AM

very easy to get in and out of the boats, cave tubing is not that strenuous, lay in the tugbe and float around, no huge rapics or anything!
Posted By: Sammie

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 02:34 PM

Our cave tubing group had people ranging from 2 yrs old (he was carried the entire way) to people in theie 50's, maybe up to 60. I had some reservations going in but it wasn't that strenuous at all. The hike through the jungle was easy and the tubing itself was too. I thought my arms and shoulders were going to hurt because of all the paddling we did with our arms, but it was actually my legs that ended up killing me for 3 days afterward! It can get hot and steamy during the jungle walk and the visit to the zoo, but that's as hard as it got....well, sometimes getting out of the tube was interesting... [Linked Image]
Posted By: Tami

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 04:05 PM

The cave tubing with SEAduced was great. I went last month. There are bats in the caves but they were all sleeping. It was cool to shine the light up and see them. The mini hike to the cave wasn't strenuous in the least bit. All and all, it was a great full day trip. I would highly recommend it. [Linked Image]
Posted By: teacher

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 04:41 PM


What kind of shoes did you wear for cave tubing. I was thinking of going and buying cheap tennis shoes....or, should I do more a TEVA-type walking sandle?

teacher [Linked Image]
Posted By: Tami

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 04:58 PM

I was wondering about that before I went too. I actually bought the Teva's and I am so glad I did. I even found some on sale! [Linked Image] The hike to the cave wasn't bad at all, so tennis shoes would be fine...however, you will keep your shoes on while you tube in the water. I am not too fond of wet, squishy shoes. The Tevas worked perfectly and they dried quickly. I wore them the entire day, which meant I didn't have to carry around an extra pair of shoes (another plus). [Linked Image]
Posted By: Sammie

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 07:22 PM

I wore my Tevas for the entire trip, I don't feel tennis shoes are necessary.
Posted By: Umpara

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 07:44 PM

thanks guys for the heads up. sounds like we'll be doin' some snorkeling and cave tubing too!!! right now i'm trying to talk my friend peg and her husband into coming down with us. they'd be flying from boston though, a much different hike than from florida. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO ON VACATION! another question. my husband is a picky eater and his favorite foods are steak & potato (me, i like it all, and it shows!) from what i've seen on the menus on ac, seafood is the natural choice. will kenny get his steak fix on ac? thanks again!!!
Posted By: teacher

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 07:45 PM

That is the answer I wanted to hear...I hate squishy shoes too!

Was it really buggy? Did you wear your swimsuit with a cover up on the raft? Any suggestions on things to bring for that?

Posted By: Umpara

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 07:47 PM

Teacher, when are you going?
Posted By: Tami

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 07:52 PM

When I was there last month, there wasn't a problem with the bugs at all. I had brought so much bug stuff, but didn't need any of it. As for what to wear while cave tubing, I just wore a tankini (a bathing suit, but looks like a mini tank top) and a pair of nylon shorts. Like the shoes, it was perfect! The entire experience of the cave tubing/zoo experience was great. Go with SEAduced and you are sure to have a blast. You can check out some of pics from the trip:
Posted By: Jack-A-Roe

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 08:03 PM

My husband had a steak at the Blue Water Grill that was cooked to perfection. And we're spoiled by all the great steak restaurants in Chicago. I know people think it's a bit pricey but we enjoyed a couple of meals there and did not feel ripped off. Is Chap still the chef there and is he still bartending part time at BC's?
Posted By: Umpara

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 08:23 PM

i made the mistake of posting my question as a new topic. anyway, thanks for the Blue Water Grill. We'll definately give it a try. Kenny will pay whatever it takes to get a good steak. especially on vacay!
Posted By: teacher

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 08:23 PM

My husband and I are going to be on AC the 31st of May for 7 days....

Once again, great advice. I have a tank-kini I was going to wear with shorts...and bring a change of clothes for later. I just hate walking around with a wet bathing suit all day--icky!
Posted By: Tami

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 08:50 PM

That is exactly what I did, Teacher. They have changing rooms at the caves so you can change right after you finish and before lunch. I wore my bathing suit and shorts there - then, brought a change of dry clothes. We went to the zoo after the caves, so I am glad I didn't have to wear the wet suit/shorts all day.

I am sure you will enjoy yourself - have fun!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 09:34 PM

Hey Tami:

Your photographs are excellent! Could I possibly use some of them on my website ( to spruce up my tour descriptions? I have tour descriptions of the snorkel, dive and inland trips I offer, but whoever said "a photo is worth a thousand words" was not lying. Would love to add some of your pics to my text.

Please let me know.... oh, can I, pretty please? :-)

Posted By: Tami

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 09:35 PM

Absolutely, Wendy! [Linked Image]
Posted By: teacher

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 09:45 PM

Another question...

Did you have a place to store your dry clothes, money, etc. while you were on the river?

Posted By: Tami

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 10:28 PM

Yes, there was a place to store your personal items while cave tubing. Elito (our guide from SEAduced) locked everything up in one little changing room. Then, he opened it when we all returned. It was safe. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Sammie

Re: Activity questions - 05/17/02 10:30 PM

They have changing rooms and a place to store your stuff. We took waterproof safes (those watertight containers on a string around your neck) to put our money in so we had it with us the entire time--you can never be too careful.

I forgot our bug repellent and we didn't get bitten once.
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