Good Steaks?

Posted By: Umpara

Good Steaks? - 05/17/02 08:21 PM

thanks guys for the heads up. sounds like we'll be doin' some snorkeling and cave tubing too!!! right now i'm trying to talk my friend peg and her husband into coming down with us. they'd be flying from boston though, a much different hike than from florida. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO ON VACATION! another question. my husband is a picky eater and his favorite foods are steak & potato (me, i like it all, and it shows!) from what i've seen on the menus on ac, seafood is the natural choice. will kenny get his steak fix on ac? thanks again!!!
Posted By: lmarquis

Re: Good Steaks? - 05/17/02 09:22 PM

Yes, go to the Hideaway for dinner. It is hotel and restaurant. They have all kinds of steak specials, etc. The chef made me a special which was absolutely delicious.
Posted By: susangg

Re: Good Steaks? - 05/17/02 09:51 PM

For your red meat fix, check out the ladies with food stands on Barrier Reef Drive. A couple of them make fantastic burritos from those thin steaks, its not ground beef, yummy yummy. Cheap too and the street vendor food is safe unlike some other countries.
You can also get steaks smothered in onions at Ambergris Delight and the Reef, both on Middle Street in the middle of town, and both very reasonably priced.
Beef in Belize is actually very good. The cows graze and the beef is much leaner than US beef and not shot full of antiobiotics. It's much healthier than eating meat in the US.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Good Steaks? - 05/17/02 10:18 PM

I've had some killer steaks at capricorn also
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Good Steaks? - 05/17/02 11:21 PM

I would hope that the steak was killed, Marty. Being from St Louis, I alway crave a good steak. The steak at Jerry's Crab Shack is actually very good. I had the bacon wrapped Filet. I must say that the service was indifferent and the portions were extremely small, especially the veggies. Steaks are expensive here and not as flavorful as good US beef. Actually, the leaness of the steaks here is the problem. Fat is where the flavor is. If it weren't so, Round Steaks would be expensive and popular.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Good Steaks? - 05/18/02 05:17 AM

Have to say one of the best Steaks that we've have had was at Papi's. This last trip, it was so wonderful and tender.. Also at Jade Garden, they are great, too. But try Papi's first!!! I am a meat and potatoe guy.... Thanks Rick
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Good Steaks? - 05/20/02 11:52 PM

Carnavorous? No the Chinese Circus is leaving today.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Good Steaks? - 05/21/02 12:44 AM

I've had good steaks at Jade Garden, and I'm told Mambo at Mata Chica has some excellent steak, beef imported from Honduras, though I haven't tried the steak there myself.

The Running W restaurant at San Ignacio Hotel has pretty good steaks, Robert's Grove in Placencia has good imported beef, and there's a new steak house at the Tourist Village in Belize City.

None of these places will give Ruth's Chris, Morton's or Spark's a run for their money, though. As noted, most beef from Belize (and from elsewhere in Central America) is grass-fed and without much marbling. It's better for you than corn-fed, aged U.S. Prime, but it sure doesn't taste as good.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First
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