Rough Seas?

Posted By: Iris

Rough Seas? - 05/22/02 01:17 AM

Ambergris Caye sounds great as a diving and general vacation spot except I've seen a few posts on other sites that mention high waves. I don't do well in rough weather. Is this the norm, or a once in a while occurence? I'm looking to dive around the island, not at the blue hole or the atolls. Also, I'd be travelling alone, mid-40s - is it easy to meet people? Thanks for your help.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/22/02 02:29 AM

what you saw was high winds, not high waves. the water is resonably calm inside the reef. on a good day, it is like your bathtub.
Posted By: trina

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/22/02 03:54 AM

Inside the reef, very calm and lovely. You're doing to have a great time! And it's very easy to meet folks, at least it was for my husband and I. People are friendly, both locals and fellow travelers.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/22/02 04:01 AM

The seas inside the reef are generally calm, but that can't always be said of the dive sites outside the reef, of which there are many. It is really the luck of the weather card draw. I was a bit nervous the first time out, but all you have to do is ride the waves with your inflated BC and you are just fine. Sometimes, there's a bit of whacking about trying to get back onto the boat, but if you are in fairly good shape, it shouldn't be anything you can't handle. You and I are about on par from what you tell us.

I go down by myself quite often and have never had too much trouble meeting people. The only times it has ever been difficult was if I was feeling insecure within myself. If you just talk to people, they will gladly talk to you and if they aren't friendly, to hell with them, and move on to someone nicer. Most everyone on vacation came to have a good time and they are pleased to make new acquaintances. Go diving, go on some tours, have some drinks at Fido's bar and you'll be on your way.

Watch out for those friendly sharks up on shore though!! (wicked grin)
Posted By: Iris

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/23/02 01:18 AM

Thank all for your replies. I'm concerned with sea sickness on the boat, but it sounds like I should be okay, especially if I stick to the dive sights within the reef. AC sounds like a great vacation spot. Now all I have to decide is decide where to stay!

Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/23/02 02:18 AM

I just made my second trip down solo. I am early 40s and have a blast. You will love it!
Posted By: seashell

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/23/02 07:28 AM

Iris, I don't get seasick but my buddies do. They use those wristbands and swear by them.

I just got back from a trip to the South Pacific and everyone was feeling a bit queazy, except me. A couple of my buds started to wear their wristbands and had no more trouble for the rest of the trip. The others ate a Gravol every morning and that was the end of all the problems.

It is difficult to select to dive just the inside sites, as most of and the best sites are outside the reef anyway. Why not try the wristguards? If they don't work, nothing lost, you can go back to only diving inside.
Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/23/02 01:25 PM

Iris: If you're seeing your doctor anytime before the trip to AC, ask him/her about the Scopolamine patch. My husband is VERY prone to seasickness (even looking at the ocean makes him queasy...seriously). He had tried the wristbands and they helped some but not entirely. This year he tried the patch (lasts for two days)and he had no problem at all when we were outside the reef on a windy day in some pretty rough surf. It made all the difference between a great day fishing and an awful green-faced day.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/23/02 03:10 PM

frank only had a problem on the turneffe atoll trip. another guy was green the whole way. i'll have to try one of those brascelets, tho.

bw - too bad the doc didn't have a patch for hubby's montezuma's revenge [Linked Image]
Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/23/02 05:25 PM

SJ --- he did. It was called "Noroxin". A pill, not a patch but worked great and by day 3 he was up and at'em again. Just too bad the timing was what it was. BC's big bash on the 21st was only day 2...
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/23/02 11:20 PM

We've been in some EXTREMELY rough waters outside the reef, mostly up north. But this was during Easter Winds....and when Hurricane Michelle was headed to Cuba....waters outside the reef were spectacular...such power.....use common sense and volunteers to be your guide!!! Of course, unless you've gone too far and can't turn back.....LOL...kidding-you're gonna have a BLAST!!!!!
Posted By: Iris

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/24/02 01:01 AM

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. I really appreciate your help. I'll be heading to the doctor's before I go away and will ask about the patch and the bracelet. I was under the impression the patch is no longer available in Canada, or at least in western Canada. I'm in Ontario, so maybe I'll have better luck. I'll be going to AC or Dominica in July/August- I haven't decided yet. Whichever I do now, I'll do the other next February or March. Reading this board has been so much help in giving me an idea what AC is like. Cheers, Iris
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/24/02 02:16 PM

dr glen would SHOOT me, but, BW, after 3 days wouldn't NATURE have fixed him?

immodium & pepto have never failed us (given 24 hours)...and my hubby has a delicate stomach too. in cozumel, he thought he was seeing god one night...but then dove the next day. yea, give me drugs!!
Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: Rough Seas? - 05/24/02 02:32 PM

Not sure what you mean by 3 days and nature... Believe me, time and Immodium were NOT helping. We were starting to worry about dehydration even though he was taking in lots of fluids. And we were leaving soon after and there was NO way he could have boarded a plane in his condition. We took the Noroxin from his doctor with a wink thinking it would come home and sit in the medicine cabinet and eventually get thrown away. We were VERY glad, in the end, to have had it.
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