March Board Meeting

Posted By: HJaneL

March Board Meeting - 03/29/02 10:26 PM

Well, all were present and accounted for at the March Board Meeting (as far as I know). It was great to meet everyone in person...Karen, you have your hands full with that 3rd chair bass drummer husband of yours! [Linked Image] Cindy, I enjoyed our visit on the patio at Coral Bay! Hope we can keep in touch. Sscubabob, THANKS AGAIN for the conch shells. That was so sweet of you. Tell your wife "Hi" from "the neighbors". [Linked Image] Great manatee story, Greg. I wish I would have had enough sense that evening to talk with Denise more. (Too many rum punches before we left home-sorry [Linked Image] ) Gail & gwg123co, it was nice meeting you as well. gwg, hope your daughter got to feeling better. Here's hoping you ALL had an awesome trip to La Isla Bonita !!!


PS. So sorry to anyone I offended that night...believe it or not, I 'm usually quite reserved. (BUT, Gotta love me, it's the rule! [Linked Image] )

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Re: March Board Meeting - 03/30/02 12:13 AM

Holly! Hey girl! We had such a blast in paradise. We definetly want to go back. There is so much more we want to do. It was so nice to meet everyone and I'm so glad you guys were our neighbors! I have some great pictures of everyone. This is good motivation to get off my you-know-what and learn how to build a website. [Linked Image]
Our trip home was fine, except for we were bummed to leave our sunny (finally!) villa. But Rob told me that this was the BEST vacation ever. That's quite a compliment from someone who has been pretty much everywhere and had no idea where I was planning to take him. He loved it! I don't think I can top AC, so we just have to keep coming back! So lets start planning girl! Hehehe! Tell Scott I said hello and gracias for all the Belikins. Keep in touch March Boarders! [email protected]
Posted By: Chloe

Re: March Board Meeting - 03/30/02 02:39 AM

Great news that the March Board meeting went well, sounds like you used a Belikin bottle to gavel the meetings to order. Hoorah!
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Re: March Board Meeting - 03/30/02 05:27 AM

It was a nice time. Too much nudity [Linked Image].

We enjoyed meeting you all. I recommend people try it. I was the only weird one (and I left my other personalities at home). Thanks Cal Kids for thinking of it.

HJaneL: I had a really nice shell for you but I couldn't bear to kill it. Sorry; I put it back. Sounds like you enjoyed. The 3" cut on my hand I got retrieving the shells for you is almost healed...don't feel guilty about it now!

This is a great message board. Keep it up.

There was not too much nudity...


I don't remember anyone but Robby who was out of line. Fidos has to do something about him.
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Re: March Board Meeting - 03/31/02 03:59 AM

Sscubabob: STOP IT! You really didn't get cut, did you? I love my shells [Linked Image]

Calkids should be returning to their home today...seems like their week's stay was longer than ours [Linked Image] Hope they enjoyed themselves.

Robby (or Robin?) was kinda different, I will definitely agree. He scared me to death at one point.

Cindy: How is work going? Are you getting back into the swing of things? When you learn how to build a website, let me know.hehehe.


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Re: March Board Meeting - 04/01/02 04:33 AM

Hey guys!

I will be doing a trip report soon as I get my pix back. Anyone have a group photo of the March Borad meeting? Please email me. [email protected]

We made several stops at Fidos. Saw Gail again and Calkids. Saw Holly on the road. Missed the rest of you that week. Where were you hiding? [Linked Image]

Where you guys on Joke Night???? Dang. I bombed so bad. Not only did I have to pay a departure tax I had to pay a bad joke tax!! [Linked Image]Had dinner with Calkids on our last night. They went off to Guatamala we went to Philly. [Linked Image]

Oh well it was an awesome trip.

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Re: March Board Meeting - 04/01/02 11:54 PM

HAHAHA! My friend was looking at my pictures and saw one of Sir Robin with a completely mean snarl on his face. She's like...YIKES, who is THAT guy!Too funny! Hey, does anyone remember the name of his flute?
I don't have a group picture, but I do have some of everyone individually (or by couple).
Holly, I came back to work last Tuesday and boy was I sad! 4 days in paradise was so short, it kind of feels like a dream. I have to look at my pictures and say, "Did I really go there?" But I can't complain...better than not going at all, right? Next time we'll have the time to do it right! Hopefully!!
Well I ordered the software to build Rob's Political wish me luck! Hey! Is it snowing there? It's snowing here today. Blah!!!
Let's go back!!
Take care guys,
Posted By: calkids

Re: March Board Meeting - 04/02/02 05:55 PM

WQe mnade itt.......hahahah.....kinda how we feel....what a great time....have to get a shirt for work, will give our report also, have some great pics to share...

Roy & Karen
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Re: March Board Meeting - 04/03/02 09:01 AM

Hey Calkids, how was Guatamala? Glad I didn't have to call the state department and send some mercenaries looking for you. [Linked Image]

Cindy if you have any good pix send me a few at [email protected] Esp Holly and her reserve nature. Hehe [Linked Image] What are you smirkin about Karen??? [Linked Image]
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Re: March Board Meeting - 04/03/02 07:17 PM

Hey now....I apologized, didn't I? NOBODY better have any pictures of that reserved nature either! (ok, I'll beg....PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE...WITH SUGAR ON TOP? If anyone has any pictures that would horrify my mother, please burn them. I'll pay Belikins! [Linked Image] )

Posted By: CCR

Re: March Board Meeting - 04/04/02 12:26 AM

Holly - lucky for you, you and Scott paid in advance....hehehe! Actually, not to worry all of my pictures are very good natured. Except the ones of Sir Robin, young audiences might find those horrifying. Oh and maybe the one of Roy dancing with that "young" lady. Hmmm...up to you to decide.
I have yet to scan them in, but I will send them to you Greg when I can. Hopefully soon.
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Re: March Board Meeting - 04/05/02 07:47 PM

Cindy: You're funny! Maybe we should spare others from seeing Sir Robin's face ??? [Linked Image]If you get a chance, drop me an e-mail
[email protected]

Scott says "HI" to all !

By the way, what WAS the name of Sir Robin's flute?

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