North Golf cart Path

Posted By: Johnboy

North Golf cart Path - 03/31/02 10:57 PM

How far north can we go after the ferry???
We were there last year & could only go to Palapa>>> Just wondering if there was a way to go farther ...Going June30 ---- July 8..Anyone else going then?????
Posted By: denverdan

Re: North Golf cart Path - 03/31/02 11:18 PM

Hmmmm, well just keep following the road till it looks more like a bike path. Then you will see some tracks heading towards the beach... TAKE THAT TRAIL.
I forget where you come out on the beach, but it's close to the deserted "mission," (?)sorry I can't think of the name. Continue North past captain Morgans, and a few more places. Then as I remember it you would have to stop (lol) in front of a large blue and white house, and hoof it past another house and a restaurant to reach Journeys End or anything further. (aprox 50 feet to JE)
Things may have changed since last May... but I doubt it.
Oh... and since your NOT to take carts that far North, ya didn't hear this from me!
Hope ya have another great trip!
P.S. hey John, any reason why you changed your name? Just curious...
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: North Golf cart Path - 03/31/02 11:28 PM

Nobody could pronounce jlslks...Ha Ha
Posted By: KC

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/01/02 07:01 AM

Hey John boy! I didn't realize you were jlslks... Didn't we meet last year at Fidos?
Is your wife's name Linda? If so... I remember you! (And I think you had taken an awesome fishing trip... right?). Anyway, I guess you are headed back there??? Good for you. Have a great time!

Posted By: Johnboy

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/01/02 02:32 PM

Kathy, That's us ... We had such a good time last year we just had to go back...
Really looking forward to it...6-30----7-8... One of the hi-lites of our last trip was meeting with all you board members at Fido's....Wish it would happen again thisyear.....Anyone interested???????
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/02/02 09:41 AM

The road has just been fixed by Casey Moore and his crew all the way up to Journey's End! Just went there last weekend and the road is great!
Posted By: KC

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/02/02 01:31 PM

WOW! Who is Casey Moore? Thank him and his crew for me! That will make our bike rides to town a whole lot easier!

Posted By: rickcheri

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/03/02 02:28 AM

Casey is a good friend of ours and used to run the Palapa bar, you may have seen him.. Or you can always find him at the Hideaway.. He has been contracted by the island to do the roads down south and up north... Go Casey, see ya soon. Rick
Posted By: KC

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/03/02 06:18 AM

R & C ~
Well, I think that's awesome! Is there any chance that the road will be extended beyond Journey's End? (Like about 1/4 mile to our house?) When that happens, we are seriously looking to buy a golf cart! And that is exciting!!!

Thanks for the info! Give us a first-hand report when you return.

When we were in SP the first of March, we rode our bikes to town, and I kept a keen eye out for a house being constructed in Tres Cocos, but I don't think I saw yours. Is it beachfront? How far along is it? I saw one being constructed in that area (saw it from a boat), but I think it was too far along to be yours.

Have a good trip!

Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/03/02 06:29 AM

The Fidos adventure is going to happen again this summer, bet on it.....Richard
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/03/02 06:37 AM

The Roof is going up as we speak!!!!!!
It is about 1/4 mil. south of the Palapa...
Jim tell us it will be a tall house and that we will have a pamaramic view of the area!!! Can't wait to see it in person..
Will let you know when we get back about the road going more up north... Talk with ya when we get back.. Rick
Posted By: KC

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/03/02 05:57 PM

Well, if the roof is going on now, then I might have seen it.

What I saw was 2 story. I believe it had "arches" in the front, and it appeared to be a very large house! Oh, and beachfront.

Might be yours???

Posted By: OneParticularHarbor

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/03/02 11:04 PM

Good to hear about Casey. I don't think a day went by that he didn't have me laughing at the Palapa bar. My personal favorite caseyism is "I may be fat, drunk, and ugly, but I own a bar in the Caribbean". Between he an Ruby cooking up our fish it didn't get any better.
Posted By: sscubabob

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/06/02 05:04 AM

The north end freeway rund to Capt. Morgans, about 2.1257652456367 miles. Great bike ride.
Posted By: KC

Re: North Golf cart Path - 04/06/02 05:08 AM

Oh oh.... conflicting reports here....

Mr. Bob says it runs to Capt. Morgans.

Earlier report was to Journey's End.

Big difference there! I'm going to have to go down and check it myself!

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