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Suzy! - 05/01/02 11:29 PM

Hi, just got back from Banana Beach, and on the day we were leaving to go to the Cayo, Suzy the doggie, was being shipped to the states to be with the person (woman?) who had her spayed (sp?), and all fixed up. Apparently, from what I gathered from the beach area rumor mill, this caregiver was emailing Tim all the time, begging him to let her have the dog that she feel madly in love with. So Eve, the woman who stays at Banana a few weeks a year with her husband, Ross, was all broken up about it and sobbing on the beach like her heart was gonna almost broke mine. But, thankfully, another doggie showed up and Eve started taking care of her....think she'll be the new Banana, if anyone knows more about this, fill us all in. Thought it was worthy of it's own topic! Good luck, Suzy!
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Re: Suzy! - 05/03/02 05:06 PM

I'm sad that Suzy is leaving Banana Beach - she seemed to belong there and enjoy all the different people that came through with letfovers and love! Those returning guests who expect her to greet them must be disappointed. I hope Suzy will be happy with her new life (though if i were her, i would certainly miss the beach and lifestyle of AC! [Linked Image] I hope whoever has adopted her will bring her back on their subsquent visits to AC so that Suzy won't lose her connection!
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