cave tubing

Posted By: watt

cave tubing - 05/23/02 02:58 AM

I would love to go cave tubing with the June board on the 15th, but that is our last full day there. It seems that this is a must to do thing and I was thinking about the 11th. Don't want to miss the party or the chicken poop thing on the 12th. Anybody interested in the 11th?
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: cave tubing - 05/23/02 03:54 AM

i think they are doing it the 14th. not 15th. drop 12, party 13. that fills up your whole week!
Posted By: watt

Re: cave tubing - 05/23/02 04:34 AM

I'm sorry -- our last day is the 15th when we sadly have to pack it up and head back to "Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain" -- you know that song -- and I would love to forget it. So the 14th sucks for us. I really want to go, but don't want the last day -- the 14th -- a hurried adventure and then packing. So I wanted to do cave tubing before that day. The 'poop bet' (chicken crap on the numbers is on the 12th and the party is on the 13th -- remember we are doing October birthdays Jane -- you, me and your husband - as well as it was initally DEB's Party!!!!) Happy birthday Deb!!!!! So really anywhere between the 8th and 11th would be good for the tubing adventure for us. I really want to go with some fun people and think that I want to forget the zoo. Does anyone have an opinion on the zoo? I don't have kids and really don't care about looking at animals I have already seen on the net. I am sure up close and personal is good. But how about cutting some time out of the trip and heading to the bar? [Linked Image] I am not trying to distract from you guys June 14th day trip, I was just wondering if there were others out there where it wasn't really a good time.


I still want to charter a boat and hit the outer cayes that aren't on the usual list if some other people are interested in going. Yes, we are doing the required snorkeling but would like something other than the tourist list -- although, yes, I am a tourist. Anyone interested?
Posted By: aqtpie2

Re: cave tubing - 05/23/02 12:52 PM

Watt: Cave tubing will not poop you out for your last day. Actually we did it our last day for the reason of a relaxing float down the river. It was a great ending to the trip. Your back with plenty of time for night life and to pack for the departure the next day.

(if I read it right it would be your last full day right?) One trip to experience, I hope you get it into your trip! Enjoy!
Posted By: vballcoachccv

Re: cave tubing - 05/23/02 02:02 PM

If you do indeed want to go with fun people, it sounds like the 14th is the day to go!!!!!!
Okay, perhaps there are other fun people out there as well, but I would like to believe that those of us going on that trip are going to be a blast.
Posted By: Gela

Re: cave tubing - 05/23/02 04:04 PM

Watt, please join us Cave Tubing on Friday, June 14!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: cave tubing - 05/23/02 05:57 PM

You will really be OK to do it the last day... it's not like the normal tour that you do. Very relaxing, not hurried at all. And the zoo thing is not to be missed. Even that is kind of a stroll before you drive again. It's not a long stop at all (and we had rum punches with us...)
I think it would be a great way to wind down the vacation.
You will love it!! Can hardly wait to meet ya'll!
Posted By: watt

Re: cave tubing - 05/23/02 06:32 PM

Well then, it is a definite go. Who do I e-mail to get reservations to go with this motley crew?
Posted By: aqtpie2

Re: cave tubing - 05/23/02 07:07 PM

YEAH! Even though I am not going to be there - I am glad your going with the group! I think you'll have a blast - and it makes for better reading of trip reports & pictures later for the rest of us! <shamless & selfish, I know>
Posted By: Gela

Re: cave tubing - 05/23/02 07:57 PM

Watt, email Rebecca at: [email protected] Tell her what hotel you're staying at so she knows which dock to pick you up at.
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