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CRABS - 03/04/02 10:15 AM

other than stone crabs (claws), are there any other crabs that are caught locally and eaten on AC ?

are there land crabs on AC ?
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Re: CRABS - 03/04/02 10:33 PM

Not really. There are land crabs on most of the cayes
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Re: CRABS - 03/04/02 10:58 PM

Is there a season for stone crabs? How are they traditionally prepared. How do they compared to the "blue crabs" of Louisiana and Maryland?

New Orleans
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Re: CRABS - 03/05/02 03:50 AM

with stone crabs you just eat the claws, crab is caught and a claw is broken off and the crab is returned to the sea to regrow the claw.

the whole crab is eaten with blue crab.

i find blue crab better tasting than stone crab claw, although a lot more work to get the meat out.
Posted By: superfooch

Re: CRABS - 03/05/02 05:57 PM

Lots of crabs on FOX's temptation island...
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