Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize

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Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 05/23/02 09:13 PM

I will be a first timer to Belize for my wedding and honeymoon. We are staying at the Captain Morgan's Retreat. Looking forward to it. I'm interested in hearing from anyone that has stayed at Capt. Morgan's or anyone that has been married in Belize. Tell me how it all went and worked out. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 05/24/02 03:18 PM

lilwings-Congratulations! Search this board for marriage posts. Also, get a hold of CM & ask them if they do any wedding package specials, sometimes the place u r staying will help w/details. I know that Sun Diver has a package for weddings. Let us know & good luck!
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 05/24/02 04:06 PM

Pauluxy thanks for the reply and suggestions. I will check that post out. CM is arranging our wedding. I have a photographer (Kay Scott), she came highly recommened so we have her booked. CM tells me we will go over all the details once I arrive as far as flowers, and anything else I want to add. For the most part we want it very simple. We're having a big party once we return home. Do you know anyone that has stayed at CM or heard anything about that resort. We did not do a package because we didn't want our days scheduled for us so we thought we would make our plans of things we wanted to do once we got there. Can you recommend any good eating places. I hear Capricorn is a must. Are there any others you personally like? Thanks again.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 05/26/02 03:50 PM

Hello lilwings....Again, I have not been there but I hear that Caliente is a must, as well the red snapper at a place called papli's ( or something similar to that-look into it.) Also BC's BBQ comes highly recommended on this board. When are u going to be there?
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 05/28/02 11:26 PM

We were married on AC last September, and it was wonderful!!! We got married at the SunDiver, which is near Captain Morgans. I liked being up north, but some of my guests didn't like having to take the boat into town.
Kay Scott did our pictures and they turned out great!
I couldn't have asked for a better wedding! It was beautiful and relaxing. I highly suggest you see Lindy at the spa near Victoria House (La Diosa). Best massage I've ever had!

Good luck to you!
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 05/31/02 10:42 PM

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! I was married in San Pedro at the Blue Tang Inn last April. Kay Scott was our photographer too and she was wonderful! Do not worry about a thing! Everything will be perfect! Good Luck!
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/01/02 03:10 AM

Congrats! I have booked my Weddingmoon and we are staying at Victoria House. I would love to hear how yours goes. When are you going? :-)
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/04/02 01:34 PM

Redheada - We leave for AC on Aug. 1, 2002 and will be married on the 5th of August. When do you go? I will leave feedback when I return. I've heard a lot of good things about Victoria House. Hope you enjoy. We choose Captain Morgan's because we had a friend stay there 3 years ago and he loved it. He was also on his honeymoon. I know some things have changed since then w/Capt. Morgan's so I'm hoping it's still as good if not better than he said.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/04/02 01:35 PM

What is BC for the BBQ, I don't know what resort that is, can you please advise? Thanks. Also thanks to all who have responded. I'm excited and looking forward to my trip to Belize.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/04/02 04:36 PM

Redheada - I am actually getting married at Victoria House in June and will be sure to post a trip report/review when we return.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/04/02 05:29 PM

BC's is a little palapa (thatched) bar inbetween the sunbreeze hotel & ramon's in town.

take the water taxi down, and ask someone. if they don't know bc's, they will know ramon's. look for a little sign on the beach.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/04/02 05:34 PM

Sweet Jane - thanks for the reply, I'm going to print all this out before I leave and put in my folder of goodies. I hear the BBQ is on Sunday's, is that right. Will the water taxi take you anywhere or are there certain spots it will drop you. From looking at the maps and things I know Ramon's and that area is closer to town can you rent bicycles once you get there or can you take them on the water taxi?
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/04/02 05:39 PM

lookie what i found!

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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/04/02 05:46 PM

i THINK it only drops at one spot in town (plus the north resorts etc), but not sure. i don't think bikes can go (not sure). you will not need a bike to get around town unless you plan on leaving town to go elsewhere. town is small. it will take less than a minute to find bc's from the taxi stop.

if you are healthy, rent a bike from cm's, you can bike to town. you may take bikes on the hand ferry to cross the cut. (of course you have to be sober enuff to get back)

bc's bbq is on sundays. they start early. i was surprised how good the bbq fish was (i am not a fish person). better than my chicken!
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/04/02 07:37 PM

Getting married in Belize too. November 14th. Getting married on the beach outside the Sunbreeze (very close to where he proposed.) We will also be using Kay Scott, and from what I hear, is quite good.

I cannot wait. Although I don't want to rush through the warm (though humid) and fun D.C. summers, I cannot wait to get back to AC!!!!
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/05/02 01:22 PM

Junebride - I would like to hear how your trip goes and your wedding in AC. We are using Kay Scott for our photography. Her website is awesome, I only hope mine turn out as well. Good luck to you and I hope everything goes well for you. Let me know how the whole marriage license thing goes.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/05/02 01:57 PM

I used Kay Scott for my wedding photos and I would only have one suggestion. Make a checklist of photos that are "must-haves". For example, bride with mom, bride with dad, etc. My mom and I were very upset to find out that there were no pictures taken of just her and I. Someone had told me about the checklist before the wedding and I thought, "I'll remember what pictures I need." But I didn't. Kay is wonderful and I was glad she was there to take pictures during the ceremony so that my guests could enjoy. However, we did make sure and give every guest a camera for before and after the wedding and those are some of the greatest pictures we have.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/07/02 03:33 PM

I cant wait to see everyone's pictures, please share!!!

Coming to AC for my wedding is so the light at the end of my tunnel right now!

Congrats to all the brides! :-)
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/07/02 03:35 PM

A site I thought I would pass on

It allows your friends and family to contribute to your honeymoon (airfare, hotel, food, excursions, etc) rather than household items. Very cool for people going away to get married to.

My guy and I were able to customize it with the excursions in AC, restauants, etc.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/08/02 04:40 AM

I was married in AC last June. It was great, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Suggestion: Get married around 5, the sun is going down, before that is TOO hot, even 5 is hot.

Also, Kay takes great pix. She was there an hour before our wedding and took pix I would have never thought of, like, the girls laying my dress out, me helping my husband button his suspenders, Iraida helping me zip my dress, in addition to "wedding photos", which were gorgeous.

I have the pic of me helping Bill get dressed on my desk.

You will be surprised at what parts of the day mean the most to you!

Congratulations, and good luck.

(By the way, never married women are called "spinsters" (at least on my license!))
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 06/14/02 06:09 AM

We just arrived from our honeymoon on AC. You can't go wrong with the Victoria House. Our honeymoon went perfect. While we were there a couple got married at VH at it was awsome. Ask for Jaiver at VH. Good Luck!
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/01/02 09:15 PM

June Bride - If your out there and have returned from your trip. I would love to hear how everything went. Any suggestions on what we should take. How was the humidity? Also if you don't mind to share your pictures. How did the developing go using the rolls Kay Scott did? For some reason I'm really worried about getting those pictures developed once I return home.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/05/02 10:20 PM

We returned from our 'weddingmoon' a week ago and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Belize in general and about the staffs at both Ek Tun and Victoria House in particular. We were caught in the midst of the horrible floods and our wedding plans were severely threatened, as we were stuck without a way to finalize our paperwork ourselves. The staff at VH told us not to worry and as promised, they really came through for us. The wedding went off without a hitch and couldn't have been more perfect. I planned the whole thing with one email and Javier and his guys made all my requests a reality. I'll post a complete trip report as soon as time permits, but for now here's a link to some of the digital camera photos that were snapped:

We just had our photos that Kay Scott took developed and they are absolutely beautiful! She is a dear woman who made us feel so at ease and who's work is just fabulous. We had no problems finding a professional studio at home that would develop her negatives for us. As soon as I have some time to scan them into my computer, I'll post them as well.

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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/05/02 10:29 PM

Great wedding pictures, thanks for sharing.
Love the JUST MARRIED sign and beer cans.

Beautiful gown, and loved your shoes.
Another handsone couple married on AC.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/06/02 08:35 PM

That looks wonderful - thank you so much for sharing. I will for sure share my wedding at VH and I am really looking forward to it. Congratulations! Did you stay in the honeymoon suite? Or a casita? We will be staying in both.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/08/02 01:31 PM

Junebride- thank you for replying and sharing your pixs. They are beautiful. So I guess it was just the two of you that went? No parents or friends? We're doing the same. I love the flowers on the ground to create a aisle. I'm so ready to get there, can't wait. Leave in 23 days. YEAH!
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/08/02 02:14 PM

Just wanted to mention that the barbeque at BC's does start early and it's only available on Sundays. Early meaning lunch time until 4pm. We had planned on going for dinner until we saw the sign that day and realized it only goes til 4. Go early for the best selection - they sometimes run out of certain items.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/08/02 04:24 PM

Nope, no parents or friends. We were originally planning a huge wedding at home and became really disenchanted with the amount of headaches and the amount of money that we were spending, so we decided to combine our wedding and honeymoon and to go it alone. Our parents weren't thrilled, but they were understanding and they're throwing us a big party to celebrate here, at home, in a couple of months. We were really lucky to have met a sweet couple from our hometown while we were in Belize, who acted as our witnesses and provide more love and support than we ever could have hoped for on our 'special day'. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding.

To answer your question about humidity, it certainly was a bitch on the hair, but it didn't wreak near as much havoc as the wind. Kay Scott did a beautiful job posing us in such a way though so as to avoid the 'hair across the face' look and all in all, it didn't do too much to slow us down. I've removed the link to the pictures for awhile so that I have time to scan in some more shots. They'll be back up soon.
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/08/02 06:01 PM

girls - if you have frizz prone hair (like me) i just used like 3x the amount of gel i usually do. the pantene's "get it straight' gel worked well, and stuff called 'umberto giannini's sleek & chic straightening gloss serum' was v-good too (both from target).

don't forget to pack lots of ziplocs in all sizes to keep all your stuff dry!
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/08/02 06:47 PM

I lot all of the tips - this is fantstic info for this soon-to-be bride. I cannot wait to see Kay's pictures - as she will be shooting my wedding at VH. Once again a thanks to all of you who share, I have a feeling I will find it truly helpful. :-)
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/10/02 05:46 PM

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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/10/02 07:15 PM

[Linked Image]
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/17/02 05:55 PM

Junebride - have you developed your prints from Kay Scott yet? Wanted to hear how that went. Where did you take your rolls of film too?
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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 07/20/02 05:59 PM

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Re: Wedding & Honeymoon in Belize - 08/02/02 10:40 PM

Lilwings - I had no problem finding a professional photographic and computer imaging lab in my neighborhood that was capable of getting the job done. The photos are absolutely amazing and I have no complaints about any part of the process - go for it!
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