Need advice about mail

Posted By: NELSONC

Need advice about mail - 04/03/02 11:31 PM

We plan to rent an apartment for several months. What's the best way you've found to handle forwarded mail and/or packages we want to send ourselves (kitchen items, books etc) or packages others might want to send??

Thanks for your help!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Need advice about mail - 04/04/02 03:52 PM

It's easy to get mail. They will hold it at the post office until you go pick it up.
I would however check into how much it will cost, including duty to have anything mailed that doesn't fit into a large envelope. It is VERY expensive, and the mail service is pretty slow at times. I laughed when someone told me it isn't uncommon to get Christmas cards in July, well, I do know that they come in March.....
I had mailed down an air mattress (it was flat, not a big box at all), was told 2 weeks delivery time, it was there 6 weeks later.
Also, make sure that anything you mail includes receipts... you certainly don't want them assessing duty on their appraisals!

Have fun!!!!!
Posted By: diveron

Re: Need advice about mail - 04/04/02 07:54 PM

Be sure and doctor those receipts, the duty is sky high. Remove price tags and replace with garage sale stickers or the like. Have fun!
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