Workout Facility

Posted By: Friend of Teacher

Workout Facility - 04/15/02 03:22 PM

I am curious to know if there are any workout facilities around the island? I would appreciate any information anyone could relay.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Workout Facility - 04/15/02 03:31 PM

Oscar's Gym north end of town, near the hand ferry. Big white building.
Posted By: trina

Re: Workout Facility - 04/15/02 05:06 PM

Yeah, we went there last year, a couple of times.. good place, right near the cut.
Posted By: teacher

Re: Workout Facility - 04/15/02 05:47 PM

We must think alike, friend! Does anyone know if they have eliptical trainers there...weird question...but it is worth a shot!
Posted By: blackjay

Re: Workout Facility - 04/16/02 09:48 PM

We work out at home, (love the elipitical trainers) - in AC though, try Kayaking, that'll give you a damn good work out, don't worry about the gym....
Posted By: trina

Re: Workout Facility - 04/16/02 10:51 PM

What can I husband is a gym rat. We kayaked AND snorkeled AND ran AND hiked AND danced/discoed AND ....have I left anything out? AND went to the gym.
Posted By: teacher

Re: Workout Facility - 04/16/02 11:51 PM

Okay, Trina...I'm impressed!

Do you remember if the gym had any eliptical trainers? Thought you'd be the right person to ask if you've been there recently!

Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: Workout Facility - 04/17/02 12:19 AM

Don't think they have any eliptical trainers there. More strength training stuff. They are good if you are really into weights, otherwise, I'd say take a long walk on the beach all the way up past the hand ferry.

P.S. I love eliptical trainers - lots of bang for the buck in my book.

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Posted By: trina

Re: Workout Facility - 04/17/02 01:55 AM

They dont'have a lot of the newer style equipment, such as elliptical. Mostly Nautilus style and free weigths. Nothing too fancy. But fun anyway.
Posted By: capt_cu2

Re: Workout Facility - 04/21/02 07:06 AM

For cardio try biking or running on the beach. [Linked Image] Oscar's has plenty of rusty free weights and cable/nautilus type machines.

If you seriously want to lift weights,you will find all the basics +. Maybe a big guy to spot you. However, there is absolutely NO cardio equipement from the last 2 decades. Just a couple of rusted exer-cycles pushed off to the side. No "womens section upstairs" like we read somewhere.

I recommend seeing the island on some crumby old bikes. Its fun and good exercise.
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