Loved our second time on AC

Posted By: brentwood3336

Loved our second time on AC - 04/19/02 03:23 AM

Although it's been a while since we were on AC this year, we just had to let everyone know how much we enjoyed Banana Beach again. The staff is great, the rooms are super - clean and comfy -- and the month and a half just flew by. Hope Suzy Q (the dog) is doing ok! Just kidding.
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 04/19/02 04:07 AM

We are going back for our third time to Belize, second time to AC. Staying at Rubie's ....looking forward to it!
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 04/19/02 04:39 PM

yup. third time for us too. this time trying duPlooy's in cayo and the caribe island in AC.

love it. can't wait!
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 04/19/02 05:12 PM

Hey Norm, did you wrestle the alligator at Banana Beach again after we left you and Ruth. I would have paid $100 to get a picture of you doing that!!!!
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 04/19/02 06:50 PM

hey Jane...when are you heading down? we leave tomorrow for banana beach for 5 days, but then doing 4 days in the jungle at duplooys!!!! can't wait....27 1/2 more hours till take-off!!!
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 04/20/02 03:21 AM

Hi -- Becky-bound-for belize
Yes, I wrestled the alligator again, it was really brutal and ferocious! There was a loud and raucous crowd cheering -- I think for me.
Loved our times together -- hi to Michael
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 04/20/02 03:51 AM

june. let me know how you liked it!
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 04/20/02 04:40 PM

Hello, all....we just returned from 16 days at Banana Beach. It was fabulous. The staff were wonderful, very accomodating and the suites were comfortable. Couldn't ask for more. Suzy Q was there, and she is healthy and happy. We had her up to our room on the 3rd floor several did many other guests =^) She so reminded us of one of "our girls", that everyday we went out special just to visit her. The weather was perfect, with the winds picking up at the beginning of each week, but slowly easing off. If you like Key Lime Pie, ask at the front desk for a home made one. A local woman makes them, delivers hot from the oven (in her glass pie plate), and it is to die for. $20 US (mostly for the taxi to and from BB), but well worth it. It lasted about a week, the two of us each having a piece each night....yummmmm! Can't wait until we visit this beautiful area again some day....just loved it!
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 05/01/02 11:24 PM

SweetJane: just got back from Belize and absolutely sobbed on the runway home...nver thought I could fall in love w/a country but did.
There were 3 of us girls: one HATED DuPlooy's (mostly, Mrs. DuPlooy), the other LOVED & really hit it off with Mrs DuPlooy, and I had some Catholic school/Nun-phobia stuff come up for me when dealing with Mrs. DuPlooy. However, the place is great if what you want is a truer, more raw beauty, that is to say, a lodge-type feel moreso than a resort/luxury type feel. We stayed in the "Pink House"...the best deal in the Cayo district in my opinion. The only drawback was that it was hot as a mo-fo, and they only have ceiling fans, and even they go off when the generator is shut off at 10pm.
I rode a horse, took out a canoe (paddled down to Chaa Creek Resort, which is simply the MOST GORGEOUS place I've ever seen, and the river ride down was glorious). I went on the Caving expedition (the one where you wade through the cave in water up to your waist wearing hardhats w/ flashlights -- awesome!), and did a llllooooooonnnnnngggg ride down to the ruins of Caracol. Four nights/ all my meals/ and all my activities came to $476.00 US. Not bad, eh? So I really enjoyed DuPlooy's, but I don't think it's for everyone. Chaa Creek, with it's individual villas w/thatched roofs, is much more "lifestyles of the rich & famous" and I know I would've loved staying there, except for the heartburn I would get once they gave me my bill. so that's my best, most candid feedback about DP....I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and if you have further questions, I'd love to tell you more about it.
All the best -- Patricia
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 05/02/02 12:39 AM

hmmm. i turned down chaa creek for duplooys at someone's recommendation...hope i like it. luckily, we opted for the new casita with king beds, air conditioning, and jacuzzi tub. will post back upon return.
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 05/02/02 01:49 PM

Uh-oh. I was worried this would happen. Headed down to AC end of May followed by 4 nights at duPlooys, which we booked in preference over Chaa Creek. The price we were quoted for CC was cheaper than DP but that may have been due to different standard of accommodation?? Reading Patricia's post above, did we make the right choice?
Any advice much appreciated.

PS Been lurking for about a month now. Great mesage board. Really useful.
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 05/02/02 02:29 PM

You had to pick one, so be happy with your choice, you will have a great time. Your next trip and there will be a next trip for you, then choose the other resort. Even if you repeat the same resort, each trip differs somewhat. "HEY the good thing is you are going to BELIZE." Be excited!!!
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Re: Loved our second time on AC - 05/02/02 04:15 PM

Thanks Chloe. I'm sure we'll have a great time. But the question had to be asked. :-)
Really looking forward to it.

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