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Club Scene - 04/19/02 03:05 PM

I am curious to know more about the atmosphere of the local nightlife establishments. I am 25, and I am going to AC in July with my parents, my boyfriend, and my college-aged brother and his girlfriend, so figuring out the scene is a huge deal for us. I've heard Big Daddy's, Fido's, The Purple Parrot, Tarzan's, and Jaguar Temple are fairly cool clubs on AC, and that Barefoot Iguana is fun in San Pedro, but I still have lots of questions. For example, what is the standard attire?, hours?, which are more like traditional clubs?, and which are more laid-back bars? In addition, is there dancing? If so, what types of music are at each establishment. I am super curious, so if you have any information, recommendations, and/or suggestions please let me know. Thanks.
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Re: Club Scene - 04/19/02 04:22 PM

Well...all I can say is if you're thinking they're like bars/clubs in the U.S or even Cancun...they're not. Which is not to say you can't party it up at them..I can't remember which one had mud wrestling at one of them!
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From what I've heard (someone correct me if I'm wrong) it is much more casual --you won't need as many "dressy or going out" outfits....guess that saves room in the suitcase, right?

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Re: Club Scene - 04/19/02 04:28 PM

Try hard to remember the mud wrestling place, GoVikes! Just kidding! Would you say that people dress in like flip flops and shorts to go out or would like a sundress for girls be acceptable. I just don't want to pack a bunch of stuff that I won't be able to wear out at night because everyone is so cas.
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Re: Club Scene - 04/19/02 04:34 PM

Definitely casual--I always bring a couple of sundresses/long beach coverups for evening, or shorts/tees. Going to those bars are one of the few places I wear shoes to on the island. Other than when I go to the airport to leave! (Please no lectures on wearing shoes!) I think it was Jaguar's--you may have more fun at some of the beach places anyway--BC's, Fido's, Coconuts--they don't stay open til the wee hours, but who wants to waste time in paradise laying in bed half the morning--people tend to get up EARLY on AC and after a day in the sun/water/Beliken's, etc., you may not be up real late anyway!
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Re: Club Scene - 04/19/02 04:37 PM

Iguana has mud wrestling. Ambergris Caye has a clothing code... "No shirt, no shoes, no problem". That said, most people usually wear shorts, a shirt, and sandals at night.

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Re: Club Scene - 04/19/02 04:45 PM

Thanks for all the great info, Sandcrab and GoVikes!
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Re: Club Scene - 04/19/02 04:46 PM

ok, a girl's opinion:

it is up to you. shorts & flipflops are fine anywhere on AC. it is indeed super laid back. but, as a "chick", i like to put on a sundress or tank top with billowy (or mini) skirt. it just feels good to look pretty! and barefoot is my style!
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Re: Club Scene - 04/19/02 04:54 PM

Yeah, sweet, sweet Jane! Thank you for your chick opinion. I was beginning to get a little disappointed at the thought of being in shorts and a tee-shirt all day long, and out on the night scene! I mean, I do like to clean up on vacation occasionally! At least for pictures, if for no other reason.

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Re: Club Scene - 04/19/02 06:38 PM

buy a pretty beaded ankle bracelet there too. sexy is good [Linked Image]
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Re: Club Scene - 04/19/02 06:42 PM

I love Iguana's. You can wear shorts all the time if you want, but I think you'd enjoy it if you took along a couple of sundresses or kicky skirts. Always wear your shoes in the bars/clubs because of broken glass, etc. Flip flops aren't too effective against broken glass but they're better than nothing I guess.

The clubs don't even get started until after 11:00 and often aren't open every night. Well, Big Daddy's was open every night that I can recall. However, Iguana's and Jaquar's were always open Thursday/Fri/Sat, and are open until 4:00 a.m.
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Re: Club Scene - 04/19/02 06:58 PM

Thanks for the great information--I'm getting excited already!
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