Victoria House Questions!

Posted By: wonderbred

Victoria House Questions! - 03/11/02 01:16 AM

Hey guys! I am still planning this honeymoon and I am so STRESSED about making a wrong choice! The CM package was nice, but I lvoe the idea of the Victoria House. But, what about the rooms there...what is better worse about a casita/plantation room or even that big ol' Rainforest honeymoon suite? Any advice would help. I want a GREAT honeymoon with lots of fun, without totally overpaying. I think I need the drinks NOW and not later.

Thanks guys! This board has been HELPFUL!
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Posted By: Nicki

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/11/02 06:07 PM

We stayed at Victoria House for our wedding night. It was absolutely wonderful. The casita was very romantic. However, it was also hot. I guess the thatch roof doesn't keep the AC inside. I'm not sure about the Plantation rooms or the honeymoon suite. I didn't see either of those. I think you have made a very good decision going with Victoria House. The heat was the only thing I could complain about. It was a wonderful hotel with wonderful staff.
Posted By: gwg123co

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/11/02 06:16 PM

We were in one of the plantation room, August 2000. The air conditioning worked better there than in the 3bd villa.

Don't worry though, if you are at VH, you will indeed be taken care of like royalty.
Posted By: wonderbred

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/11/02 06:21 PM

You guys have been great. I can save a lot of money by going with Captain Morgna's, but I really think that VH sounds like a much more stable, and helpful environment.

Thanks again!
Posted By: silly

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/11/02 07:52 PM

I think you have made a good choice with VH.
We stayed in a casita and it was a little warm. It is a beautful place. relax and have fun! Don't forget to have a panty ripper while you are there( a drink).
Posted By: wonderbred

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/12/02 12:44 AM

Nicki and Silly, you both said the Casitas were a bit hot, do you mind me asking what time of year it was? We are set to go in November. I booked it today! WE ended up with a Casita and I feel better now that I have made some actual plans. We could have had the honeymoon room at CM with all the fixins, but you guys have made me feel so good about VH. Thanks for your input, it has been really helpful!

Posted By: silly

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/12/02 04:16 PM

We were there at the beginning of July, no wonder it was a little warm! You should be fine in November. It was very breezy when we were there, so that helped a bit.
You will love sitting on your front porch, especially in the mornings and early evenings.It is such a pretty place. The pool and beach areas are very nice. Although the food was good in the restaurant, it wasn't anything outstanding for the price. Be sure to take the water taxi up north and have a special dinner at Capricorn. Thinking about all this makes me want to book a trip right now!
Posted By: wonderbred

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/12/02 04:40 PM

Thanks, I am so psyched about itl. I just want to go RIGHT NOW! Why not ocme along? You can always join Matt and I this November!

Thanks again,
Posted By: Nicki

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/12/02 07:29 PM

We were there in the middle of May. I'm sure you will be fine in November. You are going to have such a wonderful time. Be sure to go snorkeling with Capt. Alfonse while you're there.
Posted By: Tami

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/14/02 12:02 AM

I am staying at the Victoria House (in the Rainforest Suite) next month. Reading these posts have made me confident that I chose the right place. I have already been corresponding with the people at the Victoria House (via email), to set up various activities and to get suggestions. They are wonderful very helpful!

I can't wait to escape to Belize!

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Posted By: E Christian

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/15/02 02:05 PM

We just got backa and stayed in a Casita. It was great. It is March and I would suspect the temp. is close to what it is in November. We slept with the windows open and the breeze off of the ocean was perfect for a only a sheet over us. The resort is beautiful and the service was excellent. It is quiet and there were almost no children. We looked at a lot of other places while we were down and there are many nice places north of the cut but with the close proximity to town and no need for a water taxi, I think VH is the place to be.
Posted By: wonderbred

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 03/15/02 03:25 PM

Thanks! You have made me so excited. Why do I have to wait so long till November. I am far more excited about my trip than my wedding and now my mom is mad. [Linked Image] Was teh Casita big enough? I can't quite get its size from online. Any details info would be great! Thank you guys!

Posted By: E Christian

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 04/04/02 04:13 AM

Sorry it took so long for this reply. It's hard to not get depressed thinking about being there. You almost have to go cold turkey. Anyway, If you are like us, The only thing we did in the casita was sleep and shower. Well that was not the only thing. Anyways, the bed in ours was a Queen and my sister stayed in the casita next door and she had a king. We had plenty of room. I would guess the casita was 15ft wide and 25 feet deep and at no time did I think it was to small. We hung out on the front poarch in the early mornings reading in the gentle breeze before breakfast and the days activities. (there was a constant breeze the entire time we were there).
Posted By: Boilermaker

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 04/06/02 08:54 PM

My wife and I stayed in a Casita at Victoria House just last week. It was 85 to 90 every day, and we never felt the need to trun on the air conditioner. The breeze off of the Caribean is wonderful. The Casita is ideal for Honeymooners. Nothing to distract you from your spouse - no tv, no phone, and with the great staff - no worries! Victoria House will make your Honeymoon a memorable one.
Posted By: Tami

Re: Victoria House Questions! - 04/06/02 09:04 PM

Hey Boilermaker...glad to hear you had a nice time at VH. We are going next week and are booked to stay in the Rainforest Suite (aka Honeymoon Suite). We aren't honeymooners, but plan to act like it. [Linked Image] Did you see the Rainforest suite? Is it as nice as they say?

Only one more week! We can't wait!

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