Where are these?

Posted By: Seaislegal

Where are these? - 03/15/02 07:23 PM

I've seen folks mention BCs and Palapa as places to go on Sunday. What and where are these places located?

We are staying at Banana Beach. Are these places we'd need a cab or something to reach?

Also, any recommendations of good places to eat/drink near Banana Beach. Our hotel doesnt have a restaurant or bar so any suggestions on where to go would be great!

Andrea - 4 weeks to go...!!!!!!
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Where are these? - 03/15/02 07:30 PM

you need strong legs or bikes or a golf cart for palapa's. it's north of the cut.

BC's is between ramon's & sunbreeze hotel. you just walk up the beach a ways. there are some good maps on the home page. print 'em out & take 'em with you. some list all the businesses & stuff. really helpful. SP is small, you can't really get too lost.
Posted By: diveron

Re: Where are these? - 03/21/02 02:36 AM

Tropica has a great resturaunt and bar. They are one resort north of BB. Really cool collection of laminated crabs and other sea creatures. Stay away from the resturaunt at Royal Palms to the south. Victoria House is awesome and only a 10 min walk south ( make reservations in advance! Hope this helps.

Posted By: Chris

Re: Where are these? - 03/21/02 04:16 AM

I would differ from Diveron: GO to Royal Palm restaurant....wickedly good seafood and some of the best steaks on the island. A lot of local residents eat there even though it is kind of tucked away within the Royal Palm resort.

My favourite North of the Cut restaurant has to be Sweet Basil. Expensive, but somehow always worth every penny.

Caliente in town is brilliant.

I've had good lunches at Tropica.

El Patio always worth a visit. My business is next door to it and eat 2 or 3 times a week there.

I can't wait for the new restaurant at Banana Beach to open, especially as I live just 400ft from the property.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Where are these? - 03/22/02 02:51 AM

Drink at Mata Rocks beach bar right next door to BB. Happy hour 6-7PM 2 for 1 drinks. Cool atmosphere.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Where are these? - 03/22/02 05:54 PM

and if you are at Banana, and want to save some $$, checkout Antijotis Santelmo, just across from Saeed's Bamboo shop just south of La Margarita....

good grub, very reasonably priced. Green wood with screens on west side of the road.
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