Ramon's-too touristy?

Posted By: paluxy

Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 12:23 AM

I have heard that Ramon's is a little on the tourist side, we are a very laid back couple on our honeymoon and want romance & party but not too touristy, But Ramon's sounds nice, i'm so confused!!! However, it sounds like to me that none of the island is too touristy, i like the cut offs & no shoes, pack light....and my husband to be wants to hear about this mud wrestling...haha.
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Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 04:10 AM

not too touristy. you will love it.
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Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 04:34 AM

I stayed at Ramon's in August and absolutely loved loved loved everything. I haven't really traveled that much (yet) so I don't have a whole lot to compare it with but we had an amazing time. I will never forget riding on the Ramon's golf cart through the little pathway and tropical flowers/plants. It was like something in a magazine and that was the exact moment I fell in love. LOL what a dork I am!!
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Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 02:16 PM
Posted By: Denisse Aponte

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 03:05 PM

We are going to Ramons (for the first time)this Saturday 4/27/02 to 5/5/02. I will tell you all about it when we get back.
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 03:15 PM

Book it, forget about it. If price is not your first concern, then Ramon's will be terrific. One of the nice things is accessibility to all in-town activities. You will have a lovely "space" for your honeymoon, and when either of you, or both has a need for a walkabout there is mucho nearby stuff to do. You could do it cheaper, but probably not better:^}
Posted By: aqtpie2

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 04:21 PM

you have to remember that when we (as in most people on the board) say touristy - we don't mean Cancun touristy.

Even though I have watched tourism grow on AC, I can't quite explain that it still isn't touristy like many Caribbean islands and get my idea accross to my friends.

When I tell people that it has gotten touristy, I say "but the tourist there seem to be the same people that are looking for non touristy spots" (if that makes sense). And therefore makes for a still low key, laidback atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

I tend to find people like myself there. People that I would choose to hang with. People that want to kickback and avoid the masses in other areas.

Just my take on it.... My opinion.
Posted By: paluxy

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 04:42 PM

aqtpie2--luv the name! thx for the reply, i used to go to Negril, Jamaica & stay at the Lighthouse Park on the West End cliffs. Huts, outside showers/cold only, clothes optional & we would take coleman coolers full of munchies and stuff for our local friends. But unfortunately since MTV hit, it just hasn't been the same(Spring Break & all). Don't get me wrong, I love to drink & get wild with the best of them but it just has changed so much in the last ten years that i need a new place to hide.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 04:45 PM

aqtpie2 I agree with your opinion.
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 05:41 PM

Paluxy: Know where you stayed at in Negril. Ramon's is almost like Swept Away in Negril or almost like Grand Lido (except it's not all inclusive). If it's your honeymoon, go for it and splurge, but in my opinion, very very touristy.
Posted By: mddev

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 07:40 PM

I would try Ramon's. Very nice Island Cabana atmosphere. Stayed nearby and next time will probrably spend the extra $ and stay there.
Posted By: clavin

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/23/02 08:43 PM

I spent part of my honeymoon at Ramons in February and have mixed feelings about it. The grounds, pool, and pier are all really nice, but I thought the room was fairly small and the food at the restaraunt was pretty blah for the amount of money you spend.
I'm pretty sure on my next trip that I will have just as much fun at another place for half the price.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/24/02 12:24 AM

I don't know how the price of Victoria House compares to Ramons but it is very FRIST CLASS. White linen tablecloths, etc. You might want to check it out.
Posted By: oldmom

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/24/02 02:44 AM

White linen clothes???? Was there a week and enjoyed everything by the pool or bar I guess.I'm going back....loved it and the beach there....ALL good!!! Unless you're looking for Hilton atmosphere.Don't question the "oldmom"...30 yr. younger daughter would ditto this....t'was GREAT!!Check out the "who's" who post.....think they're pro-mos for other resorts...
Posted By: oldmom

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/24/02 02:49 AM

ps to Paluxy...just read your "who" if you do choose Ramon's....there's a dog there we want to adopt....would like an update on this sweetie...."our" Blackie!!Same to Denisse, tell him Pat and Amy still love him!!!!Let us know if he's O.K. when you get back.

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Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/24/02 03:34 AM

oldmom: will let you know how sweetie is doing even if we don't pick Ramon's im sure we'll stop in to the Purple Parrot. Thx for the input!!
Posted By: aqtpie2

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/24/02 02:41 PM


You sound like you'll fit in just fine! My hubby and I looked for the same thing and found it right on AC. Can't help but go back time after time. Enjoy it!

And by the way 1st time I went - I took 3 pair of shorts, 5 shirts, 7 bathing suits adn one sun dress. Wore 1 pair of shorts for 10 days (cut offs) and felt obligated to wear the dress so I put it on for the trip hiome! HA I'm always over packing!
Posted By: Denisse Aponte

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/24/02 02:46 PM

Oldmon I will check that little doggy out and give you a report of her whereabouts.
Posted By: KBG

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/24/02 04:33 PM

Ramons, I have stayed there a number of times over the years, Yes it is "Touristy" as far as that goes for San Pedro. It is probably one of the places that caters more to the first time tourist to Belize than any where else in San Pedro. See their web site. Flags on the beach, free form shaped wading pool, Purple Parrot bar, gift shop, well landscaped grounds with lots of flowers, little titi type huts with ac, cute but small and close together, unimpressive food at the restaurant. No it is not Cancun with high rise hotels but more crowd at Ramon's than anywhere else. Seems very commercialized for Belize. You might research the web before going for other possiblilties.
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Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/24/02 04:43 PM

aqtpie2-yaaaahooo!!!! The less I have to pack the better! I talked w/Johnathan at Journey's End today & I think I am leaning towards them.
KBG-Thx, I believe u r right, I just don't get that I have to be there feeling about Ramon's, Journeys End is about the same price and seems alot more private. They have free kyaks and a ferry that runs every hour to town even at night so when we get the urge to we can mingle!!
Posted By: SEAduced by Belize

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/24/02 07:17 PM

Most people who visit San Pedro do not find it touristy. Ramons is in a great location. It has a great beach, restuarant, bar and dive shop. They also have Steve and Beckys Cute Little Hotel. It is not as expensive, but you can still use all of the amenities at Ramons.
Posted By: Ragga

Re: Ramon's-too touristy? - 04/27/02 09:14 AM

Ramons is the best looking resort on AC. Expensive but the best. After all you are on holiday! so live it up. When I am on a tropcal island I want the hotel I stay in to have the same feel, TROPICAL. That is why I avoid Cancun and stay at Ramons.
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